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Simple Ways To Improve Health


As you know, health is an important role for anyone to act. Having health is all. Because it help our do everything in life, it makes people satisfy their desires and inspiration.

Drinking much water as you want even you don’t feel hungry, walking on the road in the evening, having balanced meals eveyday …  and eating breakfast everyday are the simplest ways for you to have a good health without going to hospital. Do you believe, do everyday and your health will improve day by day.

Eat A Lot Of Fish

Some of the extraordinary effects of eating fish have been proven to be nothing more than a myth, but on the other hand, there are lots of health benefits that you get from eating fish that is today accepted as a fact. Eat fish is therefore prescribed to patients that have Omega-3 fatty acids deficit because it is very rich in those acids.

Many health problems are associated with our diet, our bad unbalanced diet that lacks certain substances that are vital to human health.

Omega-3 fatty acids are one of those substances. The lack of them can lead to diseases like stroke, heart disease, cancer, Arthritis, psoriasis and depression.

So people with low levels of Omega-3 acids or people that already suffer from the before mentioned conditions should take diet supplements that will give them additional Omega-3 fatty acids. Fatty fish such as Salmon, Swai Fish, Basa Fish, Swordfish and herring are rich sources of Omega 3 fatty acids. Be sure to get these supplements only from trusted and certified places, like Supersmart.

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Having Breakfast

Do not go on breakfast or eat breakfast  on diet or eat it along perfunctory way, as this provides energy sufficient for you to do all the day because after a night you sleep, you won’t have energy to work. So eating breafast is so important for you to have power energy.

Eat sufficient quality fruit, vegetables, cereals and milk … Fruit and vegetables may provide sufficient vitamins for you, reduces the risk of constipation. The dairy protein, whole grains contain more carbohydrates, helps the fat burning process.

Walking Everyday

It is a simple way to have a exercise to have a good health. But it is effective and necessary to have a good health for you. Just 30 minute everyday to have a brisk walk everyday. It is not only help you improve your health but also help you lost weight if you are fat.

Spend time on walking in daily life, or you can exercise by climbing stairs in your home instead of using elevators or sometime it rains, you can’t go out, you can walk in your home. It help you sleep well and refresh you after a hard day.

Drink Water

Water is an important need and help our bodies can have energy to act all the day. Drink at least 1,5l of water every day, it is water without to be coffee, soda or alcohol because it is lost water in our body.

Try to drink plenty of water because it also helps eyesight, beautiful skin, circulate in blood steadily, moisturize, cardiovascular protection.

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Provide Enough Calcium

During childhood and youth, our body reserves actively calcium for strong bones and smooth. However, getting in early 20s, cumulative process that stopped. So drink milk, yogurt or other calcium-rich drink to good health is not just for the present but also for your future health.


When go to the workshop, everybody is being stressed. So stress is popular problem in modern society. Stress is a result from hard working, axious about life and many problem in their life.

So you should find some ways to reduce your stress in your life, refresh you life. By the way take time to relax, only just 20 minute everyday you will fell better. Some ways such as reading a book, go out with your friend, watch a film, take a cup of tea.


Spend about 20 minutes a day to relax, breathe in slowly and breathe out slowly until you feel a comfortable body. Make a few different movements like standing up to walk, straighten the arms, legs or listening to music.

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