Technology’s Role in Cricket Today

Technology’s Role in Cricket Today


The most popular field game of India, cricket, has made the best use of technology. The advancement of technology has helped greatly to broadcast the cricket matches by showing finer details on the field. This has made the game much more enjoyable for the viewers today. Here we hope to share information on how the technology has changed over the years to help cricket better. ICC (International Cricket Council) is responsible for moderating the changes to cricket game. They have been cautious and have chosen the best technological advances that benefit the spectators as well as the players.

TV Technology Used for Cricket

We are able to witness cricket on-screen with complete clarity with the help of the several TV technologies used to ensure the same. Here is a list:

Snick-O-Meter: This is an extra sensitive microphone placed on one of the stumps. The purpose of this is to provide television audience with closer details. The device captures the sound when the ball nicks the bat. This technology gives a better feel to the cricket viewers on television. This device is as yet not useful for the third umpires. A new real-time Snick-O-Meter is being developed that will be provided with hotspot connection. This will benefit the umpires in their decision-making too.

Hawkeye: As the name suggests correctly, this provides hawk eye vision of the path trailed by the ball. The technology is being used from 2001. The technology helps commentators to confirm the decisions given by the third umpire. It also enhances the visual experience for the viewers.

Hotspot: The hotspot technology is effectively used to review whether the ball has touched the bat. The hotspot technology uses a pair of infrared cameras. Since a slight heat is caused due to friction when the ball touches the bat, this can be detected using the hotspot technology. The technology can localise the exact point of contact of the ball by using a subtraction method for the same.

Ball Spin RPM: This technology uses high speed cameras to detect the exact RPM speed of the ball. It is not clear how this technology exactly works. It was first used in the year 2013 for the Ashes Series. Knowing the exact speed of the ball after release adds to the excitement for the viewers.

Some advanced technology may arrive soon to reduce the burden on the shoulders of the umpires. Here are some expected technology updates:

No Balls at the Crease: Some advanced technology maybe used to detect when the bowler crosses the popping crease. This will ensure that the umpire can focus his entire attention on the batsmen and the fielders. There is similar technology used in tennis for let or fault calls.

No Balls for Chucking: It is a meticulous task to monitor each ball being bowled for bent arm throwing. A new technology is being developed so that this can be handled. In the past, each player who was challenged with illegal bowling action had to go through 3D biochemical analysis of their action in the lab. This can be avoided with the introduction of an updated technology.

Cricket is continually changing. There are several other ideas that cricket board may consider at some point to improve the experience for the viewers and for the players. Among the listed suggestions are:

  • Upgrade to biodegradable paint to colour the outfield and infield.
  • Adding sensors to the boundary role and the ball for better evaluation of a successful 4.
  • Enhance close catching decisions by using stump camera for the same.
  • Introduction of yellow cards and red cards to deal with rule breaking players in cricket matches.

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