hard truth about erectile dysfunction

The hard truth about erectile dysfunction


Any male from the birth has to pay attention to his penis and no matter what, is there age they need their penis doing certain functions. It is a part of their body that is supposed to have erection and in case if it does not then consuming the following medicines could help:

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Before knowing the hard truth or facts about erectile dysfunction we should know what is erectile dysfunction. 

hard truth about erectile dysfunction (ED)- ED is a condition that is commonly found in many men. It is a stance where man is not able to attain firm erection for complete sexual function. Thus males with issues of impotency or Erectile Dysfunction often resort to the medicine.  

As per survey it is estimated that more than 50 million men from all parts of the world suffer from erectile dysfunction. However, the sad part that it that despite being a common issue men feel uncomfortable to discuss about it. Males feel that they are ashamed about it and fail to consult a medical expert. 

As people do not talk about it there are several facts about it that gets hidden. Thus as a result several misconceptions that arise about erectile dysfunction and they need to be busted.

1.Myth: it occurs in men who are older in age, and thus they need to learn to stay with it.

Fact: Erectile dysfunction is a common issue in older men but then it is not that the man has to live with it. Just like age reversal it is possible to reverse erectile dysfunction.  

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About 50% of men over the age of 50 do experience erectile dysfunction more than the younger men. Erection occurs when there is blood flow to the penis. As man ages the blood flow to the penis gets blocked and thus there is no erection.

The flow of blood to penis is blocked due to several other reasons apart from age like diabetes, obesity, atherosclerosis, stress, cardiovascular issues or some accidents.   

It is a fact that all men by the time they reach 80 years of age they do experience erectile dysfunction for one or the other time.

  1.   Myth: it is a shame to have hard truth about erectile dysfunction erectile dysfunction but then it has no cure and neither is it dangerous.

Fact: the inability to get firm erection during sexual intercourse after the man is sexually stimulated is called erectile dysfunction. It is not dangerous and with medicines like Fildena 100 Pills, Kamagra Oral Jelly, Vidalista 20 mg.

However at times there are few underlying health issues that can lead to erectile dysfunction. Diabetes, Parkinson’s, hypertension and neurological health issues can often result in erectile dysfunction. 

Thus one needs to consult with the doctor let him examine the case and understand the causes that are leading to erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is not a disease but it is a condition and in most of the cases it is reversible. 

1.Myth: men who suffer erectile dysfunction are not interested in sex.

Fact: there are several reasons that can result in erectile dysfunction. One of the reasons could be that there is no sexual stimulation or the person is not interested in sex but then this is not the only reason.

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Health conditions like diabetes, Parkinson’s, hypertension, stress, anxiety, depression, smoking, or drinking of alcohol, inactive lifestyle, hormonal imbalance and neurological health issues can often result in erectile dysfunction. Prostate and bladder surgery or any accident can also result in erectile dysfunction thus one needs to consult a health expert before concluding to any matter pertaining to interest in sex.

1.There is no natural cure for erectile dysfunction and in no pills can help the men in such cases.

Fact: in most the cases erectile dysfunction is reversible and with the help of pills like can Fildena Pills, Cenforce 200 Mg, Vidalista cure the condition. One needs to connect with a health expert and take the suggested dose of the medicines for the prescribed number of days.

The doctor needs to understand the reason of erectile dysfunction and then try to figure the best-suited cure for the condition. 

However, there are certain natural cures that can help in case of erectile dysfunction.  

1.a) Eating habits:

The way to healthy life is not as difficult as it may seem to be. It is right in front of us and with the help of few right choices we can life a healthy life. We need to add nutritionally rich food in our diet and then see the beautiful changes that it brings in our life and cure erectile dysfunction. Food free from preservatives has positive effect in curing ED. 

1.b) Alcohol, drugs, weed, and cigarettes

Bad choices affect the genes and several researches shows that it is fact that they can lead to impotency. 

1.c) Active lifestyle:

Regular exercises and working in proper schedule assures that the future generations so born are healthy and free from all ailments. 

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