The Importance of a Clean Navigation and How to Improve it With a Sticky Header

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 As the websites have developed over the years, Importance of a Clean Navigation has become more significant than ever. This turned out to be one of the most vital aspects which will dictate your tempo towards success, especially with digital marketing and businesses‘ development when it becomes important to keep visitors as much as possible on the website. Since good and clean navigation can make a difference between spending a few seconds on your site or sticking around for a hefty amount of time, it will profoundly improve the user experience, making it much more appealing and professional. That’s why in the following words, we’ll further discuss how to improve your site’s navigation by utilizing sticky elements. 

Benefits of a good navigation 

We can explain website navigation as a term referring to a method in which one visitor accesses different sections and parts of one website. You can make good navigation on your site in different forms, thanks to many elements like the header, menu, buttons, multiple elements, etc. We can say that the website’s main aim, besides informing, is also to keep visitors engaged as long as possible.

As the interest in your website increases, naturally, more possibilities to sell your products and services occur. Good navigation directly influences the engagement rate; many facts back this statement. But to put it as simply as possible, if you do everything you can to secure that your visitors can access all important parts of your site, then bigger is the chance of them to stay on your webpage much longer, and thanks to that, there is a stronger possibility for their engagement and purchasing of your products. Your visitors will explore your site easier; they will discover new and important things about your work, which can easily translate into higher conversion rates. This is connected directly to the duration of each visit on your page; once you place important buttons on key places in your page that are easily accessible to your users, they will be able to find vital info about your company and business faster. 

A clear and precise navigation header allows your visitors to see important buttons immediately, making sure that they stay close to their sight as they scroll around your page. Clear navigation also leads to a bigger engagement rate, making it possible for your site to be placed better, together with all of your products and services. Customer satisfaction is essential for every business, and that is a thing that will be significantly improved once you secure a good navigation. 

Besides engagement ratings, we have to mention that a smooth navigation does a lot of job for your SEO ranking as well. It makes your site visually captivating and well-organized, making sure that everything is done professionally. It secures that your site only provides your users with clear and concise information and categories, so they don’t have to work too hard to get the info they need about you and your business. Good navigation strategy, executed with the right and reliable tools, will make sure that your visitors can go in the process of searching and buying your products and services without making a lot of effort to do so. You have to make sure that they will be at the right place with just a few clicks, and for that, you need and improvement in your navigation elements. All of this is done with a good navigation strategy and help provided to you by many plugins and tools.

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Importance of sticky elements for website navigation and how to create them 

Sticky elements are the most used conducts to create good and reliable website navigation. The sticky header and sticky menu are by far the most popular and effective elements in use today. They can be described as an essential part of your site since they have the ability to draw attention to the important aspects of your webpage. 

These elements can be decisive for all navigation customizations because they are the ones that make websites functional, giving your users a lot of options and possibilities when scrolling through your site, making sure that they would not miss anything important on it. That is why an element like a sticky header is outstanding when used on websites dedicated to retail services and eCommerce. These elements are truly the ones that will make your site interactive, and it is unimaginable to have a good navigation strategy without them. 

There are plenty of plugins available on the market, which are specialized for adjustment of sticky elements and their proper usage. One tool that truly makes it easier for you to adjust sticky elements is WP Sticky. This plugin is easy to use, and it will help you better understand how sticky elements work. With WP Sticky, you will easily create a sticky header, sticky menu, navigation, widgets, and basically any other element, without the need for any advanced knowledge in this field. This tool is unique because all elements can be made sticky in one minute or even less. There is no need for you to mess with code because all you need to do is pick the element of the screen that you want to make sticky, and this plugin will do the rest. 

sticky elements

Another important feature of this tool is that it is compatible with all themes, page builders, and other plugins. In case you need support, you can count on the very same people who created this plugin. WP Sticky is simply a tool with whom you will easily create sticky elements, and the fact that more than 100 000 people are using it says it all. Making sticky header and other elements with this tool is an effortless job. 

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Once you install this plugin and activate it, the building process consists of opening its settings and clicking on the “add new sticky element” button. You name it, and after that, pick the element off the screen that you want to make sticky and then save the changes – without the customizations, the entire process can be completed in these few steps. Of course, there are multiple sections that can be adjusted to fit your preferences. For example, you can choose the exact resolution where the element will appear as sticky, so it can be fitting for mobiles, tablets, or desktops. You can choose between the fade-in or the slide-down effect to manipulate the appearance of the sticky element while scrolling. 

The scroll range can be adjusted as well, where the element can stop being sticky at a certain point on the site. You can also prevent the element from being sticky on certain posts, pages, tags, or categories to ensure that every section of your website is neatly folded based on your requirements.

You can add as many elements as you want, and you can put specific options individually for each sticky element you create. WP Sticky is beneficial and easy to use, a true crown plugin for creating all sticky elements that you need. The Importance of a Clean Navigation and How to Improve it With a Sticky Header.


A good and clear navigation strategy is crucial since it will influence your business significantly. It will help you to make your products and services more visible, and to achieve it, you will need a skillfully crafted website on which your users can rely on. That is why sticky elements like a sticky header or menu are so popular, as they are the ones that can make one website beautiful and useful for its visitors. Tools like WP Sticky that are known as reliable and proven to be successful will be your helping hand during your efforts to build one successful business story. So, keep in mind navigation strategies and use helpful tools, and success is almost granted. The Importance of a Clean Navigation and How to Improve it With a Sticky Header.

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