Tips for Buying a Girlfriend Jewelry

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Fine jewelry makes a perfect gift, especially for couples in serious relationships. Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are all great options, but only if men take the time to get to know their girlfriends’ personal tastes and styles. Read on to find out how to pick the perfect birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day gift.

1.Pay Attention to What She Wears

If men are interested in buying new earrings, necklaces, or rings for their girlfriends, it’s important to pay attention to what kinds of jewelry they already wear. The average woman prides herself on her unique sense of style, so it should be easy to figure out what pieces will be a good fit. If everything she wears is white gold, she’ll be more likely to appreciate stones set in the same metal.

Paying attention isn’t just about checking her jewelry box. Check out what outfits she wears, too, and try to get a comprehensive idea of what they say about her personal style. Paying more attention comes with a second, hidden benefit, too: it gives men plenty of excuses for compliments, making their girlfriends feel pretty and loved.

2.Ask Her Friends

Men who read that first tip and have no idea what to look for shouldn’t despair. When in doubt, they can ask their girlfriends’ friends what they think about a particular piece. Women talk about their preferences, but they don’t always share them with their boyfriends. Her best friend might have a better idea of what she likes and what she doesn’t, and the chances are good she’ll be happy to help.

3.Match Gifts to the Occasion

There’s no wrong time to give a beloved girlfriend a new piece of jewelry, but men should try to match their gifts to the occasion. Birthstone jewelry makes a perfect gift for a birthday. Rings are best reserved for big occasions like engagements, though many girlfriends also love promise rings. Lockets and earrings make perfect gifts for any holiday or occasion.

4.Stick to Tradition for Marriage Anniversaries

Want to buy jewelry for a wife? Sticking to tradition makes choosing the right pieces a little earlier. Every anniversary has a theme, and many of them lend themselves perfectly to giving jewelry. Here are a few that men should pay attention to:

  • 14th anniversary – gold jewelry
  • 19th anniversary – jade
  • 25th anniversary – silver
  • 30th anniversary – pearls
  • 32nd anniversary – bronze
  • 40th anniversary – ruby
  • 45th anniversary – sapphire
  • 49th anniversary – copper
  • 50th anniversary – gold
  • 55th anniversary – emerald
  • 60th anniversary – diamond
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Of course, there’s nothing wrong with buying jewelry that features stones or metals out of turn. Men don’t need to be married to the women they love for 60 years to buy them diamonds. No woman would misinterpret a thoughtful gift given earlier than usual.

5.Research the Symbols

Wedding and engagement rings aren’t the only types of jewelry that have a specific meaning. There are many symbols used in traditional and contemporary jewelry, and men who take the time to get to know them will be better able to purchase thoughtful gifts. If the recipient doesn’t immediately recognize the symbolism, it’s fine for the gift-giver to explain it when he gives her the new piece of jewelry.

6.Don’t Assume Bigger Is Better

Some women love jewelry with huge, expensive stones while others find them gaudy and ridiculous. Men shouldn’t assume that bigger is always better. Instead, they should choose jewelry that seems to match their girlfriends’ taste, style, and personality. If she’s always complimenting giant jewels in stores or on other women, go ahead and invest the money in a larger stone. Otherwise, don’t bother.

7.Choose a Sentimental Gift

The best gifts have sentimental value. Men can look for jewelry that might remind their girlfriends of the good times they’ve shared together. Don’t make decisions about what to buy based on advertising or the cost. A less expensive piece of jewelry that expressed something meaningful about a couple’s shared history will be more appreciated than a more expensive but less sentimental gift.

8.Get the Chain Length Right for Necklaces

Men who want to buy their girlfriends the perfect necklaces need to worry about more than just what kind of charm to buy. They also need to get the chain length right. The easiest way to get this right is to wait until she’s at work or out with friends and measure the length of one of her favorite necklaces’ chains. Men who don’t live with their girlfriends and aren’t good at estimating sizes can also purchase adjustable necklace chains.

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9.Go for Quality Over Size

Working on a budget? It’s always better to prioritize quality over the size of the stones. When shopping in person, that means checking for scratches or irregularities. Men who want to buy jewelry online can check the store’s website to see if they offer product guarantees or have comprehensive return policies. Keep in mind, too, that fine jewels tend to be smaller than counterfeits. If a retailer is selling a supposed diamond ring that’s bright, beautiful, and huge for an absurdly low price, the chances are it’s a fake, and she’ll know it.

10.Consider Personalized Jewelry

Most women love personalized jewelry. That could mean buying a necklace with her initials set in stones or having an existing piece customized with an anniversary date. There are lots of options for personalized jewelry, but the same general rules still apply. Choose metals and stones that match her personality, and when in doubt, ask one of her friends about her tastes or how she might feel about a particular piece.

Final Thoughts

Jewelry makes a fantastic gift, but many men are afraid to buy their girlfriends necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or rings because they don’t have enough faith in their ability to make the right choices. The good news is, most women will appreciate the thought that goes into selecting a piece of jewelry that’s a perfect fit for their style, even if it isn’t destined to become her favorite piece. Assuming that men really do put sufficient effort into finding the right jewelry, it really is the thought that counts.

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