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Tired of Juggling between Specs and Sunglasses_ Time to Give Contact Lenses a Try!


You might have all the right power sunglasses and spectacles in the world, but still, there are days when you might not want to wear them. We understand. Wearing power glasses all the time can be a taxing job. Sometimes you need to get rid of those vision glasses and live life freely without any hassle; on those days, you need eye contact lenses.

If you are wondering about making a shift from vision glasses to contact lenses with the power, you have landed yourself on the right page. Look at some of the contact lenses you can choose from and the pros of making the switch.

Contact lenses with power for a full focussed vision

With quality lenses, spectacles nowadays have changed the game of offering a perfect vision to their wearer. But eye contact lenses feel easy on the eyes and help you track movements and peripheral eye visions since they move with your eyes. The other benefit of switching to contacts is that you will not have to deal with the reflections and distortions of wearing glasses.

  • Contact lenses do not steam up when you drink hot tea.
  • Wearers get a wider field of vision when wearing contact lenses.
  • Contact lenses do not reflect or distort light.
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Daily Disposable Acuvue Moist Contact Lenses

Daily Disposable Acuvue Moist Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses with Power for an Active Lifestyle 

Do you want to enjoy an active lifestyle without fear of your sunglasses bouncing up and down your nose or move freely and enjoy outdoor activities without worrying about a broken pair of spectacles? Contact lenses give you the power to do just that.

  • Contact lenses do not rub against your nose or be uncomfortable against your ear.
  • Your movement will not be restricted or slowed down by them.
  • When you are all pumped up to play sports like cricket, contact lenses will not interfere with your protective headgear.

Monthly Disposable Air Optix Aqua Contact lenses

Air Optix Aqua Contact lenses

Contact Lenses With Power for Added Confidence

Different people have different choices. While some people love wearing glasses and style them easily, others are conscious. Or there are some occasions where one needs to get off those glasses and shine in their no-specs looks. For the ones who feel confident not wearing specs is the way for them, eye contact lenses are there for the rescue. Many youngsters feel more confident after taking their specs off. 

  • Unlike frames, contact lenses do not obscure your face, so you appear more natural.
  • By wearing contacts, you can show off your eye make-up and extensions.
  • Contacts can be worn with the latest style of non-prescription sunglasses.

Fortnightly Disposable Contact Lenses

Fortnightly Disposable Contact Lenses

Eye Contact Lenses for Style

We live and breathe in the world of social media and get exposed to different fashion trends every day. One such trend that made its way long back and will stay forever is – wearing coloured contact lenses. There is nothing wrong with sporting an eye trend. You can now have the blue or green eyes you always wanted, all with just one tiny, coloured lens.

  • Coloured lenses help you sport a vibrant look.
  • It complements your outfit, which in turn makes you feel confident.
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Monthly Disposable Fresh look Blue Color Contact Lenses

When wearing contact lenses, one thing to keep in mind is to use UV-blocking sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. While some types of contact lenses can provide extra UV protection, they are still not a substitute for sunglasses.

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