Top 4 Gray Hat SEO Techniques that You Can Use to Get Better Site Ranking


Modern-day SEO optimization is not as simple as it used to be. As the competition has grown than before, the requirement for SEO techniques with advanced metrics has also grown. This is why it is highly crucial to stay connected with all the modern-day SEO techniques so that you do not feel left out in the competition. The gray hat SEO technique is one of such methods that you must include in your SEO optimization routine. The Gray Hat technique is a combination of the many commonly accepted techniques for SEO. However, it is quite difficult to define what gray hat SEO is, but it is something that must be optimized for the sake of better rank achievement. SEO Singapore can help you to do it in a much easier way. Here are some of the techniques you can consider using:

 What are the basic techniques of Gray hat SEO?

  • Cloaking:

Cloaking is one of the most crucial practices that fall under gray hat SEO tactics. Clocking shows the users various results for the searches.  As per Google, it is known as one of the most higher-risk practices that fall under the rules of violation. Most of the time, the cloaking is put under the black hat category due to its deceiving results. But you can use it with a large number of pages that are optimized with the phrase or the keyword for directing the users to your site.

  • Duplicate content:

Duplicate content is one of the major drawbacks of SEO optimization. At the same time, it falls under the category of the Gray hat SEO . Usually, we are advised to avoid duplicate contents, which can mislead the crawling bots. If you take similar content and use it with slight spinning, google algorithms will still recognize it and will hamper your ranking. But apart from spinning, you can use it in a better way by creating fresh content with new words while keeping the meaning somewhat similar.

  •  Old domains:

The old domains are usually abandoned by the web, and these are the ones that the users do not use anymore. These are often used for creating backlinks to improve the ranking. This falls under the gray hat SEO techniques.

  • Link purchasing:

The link purchasing falls under the category of the gray hat SEO, which can be dangerous sometimes if you get caught. With this one, you can list your website in the relevant directories of the industry.

  • Follower buying and social media automation:

Social media automation and follower buying is another very crucial technique of gray hat SEO. You can get tools to follow and unfollow quickly, which is known as the gray SEO by Google and not yet blacklisted. But buying followers can be a bit risky as you can lose your real followers.


What techniques can you use without a penalty?

Adding length to your older contents:

Adding some up-gradation to your content from time to time can be effective. While it comes to

more traffic, long content can do a better job.  As the field gets competitive enough, you can consider adding a bit of length to0 your old content to enhance its relevance.

  1. Purchasing expired domains:

Though it is not at all a fully appreciated one, you can get some benefit if you do it right.  You can buy a reputable expired domain which has not faced any penalties in the past.

Make use of the keyword density:

While the keyword density in an excessive way is marked as keyword stuffing, you must not leave your opportunity by trying it in the best way. Maintaining the right keyword density can add a healthy boost to your content.

Having many social media accounts:

The search engines also look out for social signals. If you have social media accounts for your blogs, then you can make the right use of them. Having multiple social media accounts for improving your social presence can work like magic for your ranking.


Though the Gray hat SEO can hurt your ranking in many ways, you should take at least one chance to make things right. Using it strategically can do wonders for your ranking that you should target to optimize your SEO

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