Transform Your Recruiting Business With ATS + CRM

Transform Your Recruiting Business With ATS + CRM


While ATS and CRM are often used as synonyms, there is a very clear distinction between the two terms.

An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) allows your recruiting agency to collect and sort data of all the applicants who apply for positions posted by you. It’s basically a database of candidates that you can access whenever you need to.

A CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) helps to foster relationships with the applicants and keep them informed about their journey in the recruitment funnel. With the help of automated emails, chatbots, and visual feedback, a CRM helps agencies to maintain and nurture a pool of talented candidates for future positions.

Transform Your Business

The distinction between ATS and CRM is needed in theory, in order to define the two and their roles. However, in today’s recruitment business, it’s imperative that you integrate both ATS and CRM software in order to take advantage of a market where relationship management means everything.

In fact, an ATS and CRM software system like Recruiterflow can help transform your business. Here’s how.

1. Individual Profiles

A software system that integrates ATS and CRM allows you to gather data on various applicants and create individualized profiles for each one.

These profiles highlight their skill sets, prior experiences, and other data that gives you insights into the likelihood of their success in a new position.

With the help of individual profiling you can track the progress of each candidate through the recruitment funnel allowing you to improve the accuracy with which you are able to spot quality hires.

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2. Efficient Sourcing

An ATS and CRM software like Recruiterflow makes sourcing a straightforward and simple task. With just a single click you can post job openings on multiple job boards and social media, reaching out to hundreds of potential candidates at once.

Candidates are then guided to your dashboard where they can quickly get answers to their FAQs and stay engaged with the entire hiring process.

3. Increased Productivity

One of the main benefits of a software system like Recruiterflow is the ease with which communication is handled. Automatic emailing, scheduling, and pipeline management help to cut down on the time spent by your employees on menial tasks.

This leaves you with more time to concentrate on the efforts of your recruiting agency. This extra time can be used to focus on important tasks, helping to improve your agency’s overall productivity.

4. Quality Hires

To make your recruitment agency popular in the market, it’s essential that you are able to provide your clients with quality hires. The right software can help improve the number of quality hires through effective sourcing and placement. You can easily narrow down on potential candidates for a particular position. The software gives you insights into a candidate’s preferences and behaviour during the recruitment process.

These insights can help you determine whether or not an applicant will be a valuable and stable hire for a particular position.

By increasing the number of quality hires, you give companies a reason to invest in your agency which is essential for your long-term growth in the recruitment market.

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5. Chance To Improve

An integrated ATS and CRM software gives you all the data necessary to improve your recruitment efforts and steadily grow your business. The software system provides visual feedback of your recruitment metrics to help you make changes where required. You can find out which channels sources the most candidates and which interview processes are highly successful.

These insights can help you save money on advertisements and redirect your efforts to improving your processes and maximizing profits.

If you’re looking to be successful in the recruitment business, the best way to start would be to integrate ATS and CRM software into your workings, so you can transform your agency and dominate the market.

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