What Are Some Dos and Don’ts To Note Before Gynecomastia Surgery?


Once you have decided to undergo the gynecomastia surgery that involves liposuction and gland excision surgery, preparation is of utmost importance. Also, keep realistic expectations from the surgery so that you are not disappointed easily. 

You must be thinking why is it important to prepare for the surgery? These can incur some side effects- some mild and some moderate. Some mild ones include swelling, pain, irritation, discomfort, etc. If you take the necessary precautions, it can help you overcome the side effects. Read to know what to do and avoid prior to the surgery.

Dos and Don’ts to follow before the surgery 

In order to ensure that the whole patient experience is as smooth as possible, preparation is fundamental. It avoids unnecessary last-minute confusion followed by anxiety and stress. Here is a detailed checklist of activities that are allowed and not allowed  

Activities allowed prior to the surgery- 

Here are a couple of things that need to be taken care of before the surgery. 

  • Arrange for a caretaker- The surgery is a major surgery. Hence, ask someone to stay with you throughout the hospital experience well beforehand. They can also help you recover fast.
  • Complete all diagnostic tests- Complete all the required tests such as mammograms, EKG, blood tests, hormonal tests and urine tests before the surgery. Discuss the results with the doctor. 
  • Discuss about medicines- Discuss with the doctor regarding all the details of the medicines and supplements that you take on a regular basis. Generally, doctors prescribe taking one multivitamin per day. 
  • Fill all the prescriptions- Talk to the hospital staff in detail and follow the instructions for filling the forms carefully. Get all your queries clarified. 
  • Discuss about any illness- If you are suffering from any prior health condition, let the doctor know about the same. 
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Activities not allowed before the surgery-

In addition to the above activities, give up on the following activities for at least 15 days of the surgery to maximize the results and minimize the risk of complications.

  • Smoking- At least two weeks prior to the surgery, quit smoking if you are in the habit. The nicotine in cigarettes has a fatal impact on the respiratory system of the body. 
  • Using blood thinners- After talking with the doctor, stop taking aspirin in any form 10 days before the surgery. Not only blood thinners, avoid any kind of herbal supplements, herbal and garlic supplements. 
  • Drinking alcohol- Quit drinking alcoholic beverages one week before the surgery.
  • Using scented cream or soap- Products such as shampoos and conditioners with ingredients such as lavender or tea tree oil should not be used absolutely.
  • Getting tanned- Do not go under the sun without covering for at least 2 weeks prior to the surgery.
  • Going back to without proper rest- Although, with advanced treatment options, you don’t have to take long periods of leave but don’t go back to work without taking rest for a week. 

Items and medicines to purchase before gynecomastia surgery

It’s better if you prepare so that you don’t skip out on anything. Purchase all the necessary items and medicines beforehand that you need during the recovery.

  • 1 pack of gauze
  • Ice pack 
  • Cortisone cream 
  • Neosporin to prevent infection or irritation around the wound
  • Surgical tape to cover the incisions for 12 weeks 
  • Compression garment to decrease swelling and shape up the chest contour 
  • Alcohol swabs to clean incisions 

Some items that are optional-

  • Prune juice
  • Tablets of Vitamin C 500 mg
  • Vitamin K or Arnica cream to decrease bruising 

Dos and Don’ts to follow to avoid risk with anesthesia

Reaction with the anesthesia is one of the most common side effects that occurs. People often ignore this side effect which can prove to be fatal if not attended properly. A well-experienced surgeon never performs the surgery if they find that the patient has not taken proper precautions as they are aware of the disastrous results. Therefore, to minimize the risk of this complication, doctors asks the patient to follow the below-mentioned steps-

  • On the day of the surgery or the night before, shower and shampoo the hair and take a thorough bath. The reason being that you won’t be able to take a proper bath for a while.
  • At least 8 hours prior to the surgery, neither drink nor eat anything. Wake up early and brush your teeth. 
  • After this, take the prescribed medicines with little water as much as possible.
  • Do not wear any jewelry or any kind of valuables to the hospital/clinic on the day of the surgery.
  • While going to the hospital, wear a button up top or clothing with a zipper. 
  • Remove any contact lenses, dentures before the surgery. 
  • Avoid wearing any deodorant or lotions on the chest or torso on the day of the surgery.
  • It’s better if you arrange someone who can take you to the hospital or clinic. The same person can take you back home. In some gynecomastia clinics in Delhi, they also arrange for transportation services on the day of the surgery. 
  • Bring all the prescribed medicines on the day of the surgery.
  • At some hospitals, it may take some time to complete the complete paperwork for the admission process. Hence, arrive atleast1-1.5 hours prior to the surgery so that there is no delay. 
  • Pack a bag in advance with the following items including all prescriptions, necessary paperwork, reading glasses, any kind of identification, warm cotton socks and lozenges for nausea.  
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In case you are undergoing liposuction, follow the above-mentioned tips to lower the risk of any side effects as well as swelling. Also, a well qualified surgeon and reputed clinic puts the patient’s interest first than themselves. Hence, try to find a doctor and clinic who understands your needs properly.  Talk to them in detail prior to the surgery so that they can clarify all your doubts that you might have related to the procedure, preparation as well as recovery. 

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