What is innings in cricket


Cricket has long been considered a game for representatives of high society in England. This sport has been tested for centuries, but has not changed its aristocratic traditions. Cricket in is a true sports symbol of Great Britain. Despite many stereotypes, this game is also popular among the common people. But notable personalities can become a member of the official prestigious cricket club, because membership in a cricket club is a feature of all aristocrats.

What is cricket?

Cricket requires a grassy field to play. The field can have a different shape, but often its radius is 130-150 meters. Most of the game takes place on the court, which is located in the middle of the playing field. It is about 20 meters long and 3 meters wide. At the two ends of the field there are wickets that have similar functions to football goals. Such a gate consists of three rails placed in a row and two crossbeams. 2 teams of 11 players each fight on the field. The team should have 4-5 pitchers, they are also called bowlers, as well as 5-6 batters, who are called bestmen. There must also be a wicket-keeper on the team, who is called the wicket-keeper.

The principle of the game is the following. The server must throw the ball into the wicket in order to break it. And the bestman of the other team must hit this ball with a bat in order to prevent the wicket from breaking. If the pitch is hit, the batter needs to run to the other end of the field, where the next batter will take his place. For each such run and change of position, the club receives one point.

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Members of the other team who are not involved in the rally must disperse around the playing court. They must try to catch the ball and get it back into play. If this was done before the end of the batter’s run, the batter would be out of the game. Also, batters are out of the game in cases where the batted ball is caught in the air or the pitch is not beaten off at all.

Any cricket match consists of two stages – innings. An inning ends after each opponent has completed a series of innings. Teams must switch places when 10 players are eliminated from their roster.


All you need to know about innings

The inning is the pitch, the main part of the game of cricket. Understanding the essence of this term, you can significantly improve the understanding of this sport discipline. Many novice players do not understand at all what an inning is, how many there are in a cricket match and how they end.

An inning refers to the amount of time a team or individual player spends hitting the ball. For example, a team’s inning is the total time spent hitting the ball. The term is also used to refer to the length of time spent by a single player with a bat in the crease.

Let’s look at this term with an example. Let’s assume that the Indian team faced off against the New Zealand team. Let’s imagine that India scored first and scored 400 points, and all the wickets were taken by New Zealand. Those 400 points is a completed inning for Team India. Within this team inning, individual innings for the bestmen of the Indian national team can also be distinguished. For example, if this team’s bestman scored 150 runs as part of a total of 400 runs, it would be his personal inning that led the team to victory.

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The number of balls in each inning depends on the type of cricket. If we are talking about first class cricket, then there is no limit on the number of balls that can be thrown in one inning. In One Day Internationals matches, this figure is 300 balls in 50 innings. In 20 cricket matches, each team has the opportunity to hit a maximum of 120 balls.

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