What Makes CompTIA A+  The Most Preferred Certification


CompTIA A+ Certification

CompTIA A+

CompTIA A+ Core 1 (220-1001)

What Makes CompTIA A+  The Most Preferred Certification

CompTIA A+ is one of the most sought and talked about certification in the field of IT. Certain reasons make it this much popular.

Let’s take a look at the factors that make it one of the most successful IT certifications ever.

  • CompTIA A+ is the only vendor-neutral certification for those seeking a career in IT support. It literates you with general skills required in any IT hardware/software support scenario.
  • It is practical. CompTIA A+ certification focuses on practical scenarios and skills. It enables you to tackle all possible problems that you may encounter during your everyday job role.
  • Preferred by the industry, it is a great start for career seekers in IT regardless of the platform. It is one of the most job-securing certifications for beginners.
  • With the latest revisions now, it covers all hardware platforms like computers, mobile devices, and smartphones. 
  • It is global. CompTIA A+ is considered as an international computer driving license with global acceptability.
  • CompTIA A+ holds ISO/ANSI accreditation status, which means that your certification is trusted by employers worldwide.
  • It enables you to work from anywhere. In the latest job scenarios after COVID, it gives you all the necessary knowledge to work from any location. 
  • It is rewarding. CompTIA A+ is among the most rewarding certification with a better pay scale than a non-certified professional.
  • It provides a solid foundation. The CompTIA A+ certification equips you with a variety of elementary skills that can later be translated into separate specializations of their own. 
  • It gives the widest acceptability. CompTIA A+ is prepared by the industry itself. CompTIA is formed by industry professionals and it has almost all the major IT organizations’ representation in one way or the other. 
  • More than a million CompTIA A+ professionals are already serving the industry, making it one of the most popular certifications of all time.
  • It gives you an instant acknowledgment. It is known by almost every IT professional. It gives you recognition as soon as you introduce yourself.
  • It connects you to one of the biggest IT community. You have the access to a larger platform to keep you updated with the latest. 
  • It gives you a sense of achievement. Being one of the most recognized certifications, it is an accomplishment in the eyes of any professional. 
  • It shows your commitment and seriousness about your career. Being a job-oriented certification reflects your focused approach towards your career.  
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CompTIA A+ Overview

A+ is the first and foremost certification offered by CompTIA. Since its inception in 1993, it has become an industry-standard over the years. With more than a million certified professionals worldwide it has become one of the most widely accepted IT certifications in the world. CompTIA A+ is described as an “entry-level rite of passage for IT technicians,” and it is true due to a host of reasons. CompTIA A+ certification is designed for IT professionals who seek a career as a help desk, support, service center, or networking technician. CompTIA A+ certification covers PC hardware like desktop and laptop, software installation, and configuration of computers and mobile operating systems. CompTIA A+ is a vendor-neutral certification which means it does not cover the particular hardware or software from specific vendors, instead of that it covers both hardware and software platform in general. CompTIA A+ certified technicians understand the basics of computer hardware, software, networking, troubleshooting, and security. CompTIA A+ is a prerequisite for technician jobs by many of the industry leaders like Intel, Dell, and HP. The popularity of CompTIA A+ is mainly due to its practical orientation with direct implementation in real-life jobs.

Some of the Jobs that A+ Certified professionals are ideally suitable for are as following

  • Service Desk Analyst
  • Data Support Technician
  • Help Desk Tech
  • Desktop Support Administrator
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • End-User Computing Technician
  • Field Service Technician
  • Help Desk Technician
  • Associate Network Engineer 
  • System Support Specialist

CompTIA A+ Certification Exams

There are no prerequisites to take CompTIA A+ exams however nine to twelve months of hands-on lab or field experience is recommended. 

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A candidate is required to pass two exams to get certified as A+ by CompTIA. These two exams are as following;

  • Core 1 (220-1001) 

Pass Marks Required 675 (on a scale of 100-900)

  • Core 2 (220-1002) 

Pass Marks Required 700 (on a scale of 100-900) 

After passing these two exams you earn CompTIA A+ Certification. CompTIA A+ Certification is usually valid for 3 years. It is always renewable to the latest track by taking the qualifying exam.

Preparing for CompTIA A+ Core 1 220-1001 Exam

multiple mediums of training like study guides, practice questions, 220-101 Dumps, video tutorials, and instructor-led sessions are available for the preparation for CompTIA A+ Core 1 220-1001 Exam. 

CertMaster is CompTIA’s training program. A comprehensive training package for the CompTIA A+ exam from CertMaster costs about US$ 649. 

Several other companies offer training options for CompTIA A+ Core 1 220-1001 exams at relatively affordable prices. One of these training providers is DumpsLeader. It offers training for CompTIA A+ Core 1 220-1001 exams as well as the other exams/certifications from different vendors. DumpsLeader offers training through PDF study guides, dumps, practice tests, and a testing engine. The training material offered by DumpsLeader is very carefully compiled by the senior IT professionals. The money-back-guarantee offered by DumpsLeader against their training is a reflection of confidence in the quality of the products and service. 

Choosing the right training makes your CompTIA A+ Core 1 220-1001 exam fruitful in the first attempt.


CompTIA A+ certification is one of the most practical certifications not only for those working in the Hardware industry but also for the IT support professionals in any industry. This great certification can be yours by successfully passing both A+ Core 1 220-1001 and A+ Core 2 220-1002 exams. CompTIA A+ Certification is a globally acknowledged certification with greater employability prospects. Its vendor-neutral credentials make it more widely accepted throughout the industry. CompTIA A+ can be a great start for anyone seeking a career in IT. 

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