What tips do you need to know to prepare for the class 5 Math Olympiad?


The Math Olympiad is an online exam that is conducted for every school student. Such a type of competitive exam helps to identify their strengths and weaknesses. It is a big opportunity for every student to perform for their class, country, and nation. Olympiad is the best platform for motivation and enhancing such skills for secondary students because it conducts national and international exams based on the foundations of many companies. Only taking part in such exams has become a great achievement for every student. For achieving success in any field we need greater planning and a proper schedule. Although the Olympiad syllabus is prescribed by different boards, the questions asked here are a little different and hard. So, the question is how to prepare for the class 5 math Olympiad? What is all you need to know to prepare? First, you need a proper plan for preparing for these exams. 

Points to be noted while preparing for class 5 math Olympiad:-

Introduce Yourself with Syllabus

Most of the syllabus is analogous thereto of the varsity. Students are mainly required to be clear with the basics and the concepts of mathematics. Many students have been kept in the dark that the international level of the Olympiad has a syllabus that is out of reach from their textbooks, on the other hand, the fact is that all the syllabus for the IMO ( International. Mathematics Olympiad ) can be covered by the NCERT books only. One just needs to study the books thoroughly and practise all the exercises given in the textbooks. NCERT textbooks also have some extra exercises specially made for these Olympiad Preparations.

Growing through the syllabus is the most important step to be aware of topics. Then, a student can easily manage their academic syllabus with the Olympiad syllabus.

Know all the Sections

Practising the logical type question, analytical thinking which is crucial during preparation is the exam. Most of the students find it very difficult to perform. Logical questioning is also important as the fact that 15 questions that constitute a big part of the question paper are the only logical type and students find it very complex to solve. Everyday mathematics in our life comes up with several questions that are easy to do as compared to the other sections but not to be taken lightly as the silly mistakes are most likely to be performed here. 


Olympiad targets those specific areas of the students which they are unable to do. Brainstorming questions need to be performed daily to open up a large calculating and problem-solving approach.

Students’ biggest fear is the Achievers sections comprising 5 questions in total but these questions are the most typical to be solved. They take all the biggest calculations and the methodology to be done in the exam, but they are easy to solve if you do practice daily. It is strongly recommended to every aspirant to follow up the nearest preparation they can.

Preparing a bit Early

Students who prepare for Olympiads must start their preparation at the beginning of the year. It is strongly believed that there is a great role of parents and tutors in student life to encourage and motivate them from the beginning.

Participating in monthly Olympiads is the best way to keep summarizing all over the syllabus. Students can participate in those monthly online exams and practise the whole year for the annual Olympiad exam. The monthly Olympiads are supported chapter-wise questions that make it easy for college kids to organize different chapters.

Time Management

Management plays a very significant role in covering the entire syllabus of math. Dedicating separate times for different chapters is the basic need in Olympiad exams. It also helps to cover up the academic syllabus.

Keep practising mock tests that are based on previous years’ Math Olympiad question papers for class 5 and do sample papers. Practice mostly the logical reasoning section first. Solving more questions helps to identify different formulae.

It has also been observed that some basic school-level questions have been asked directly in the Olympiad, henceforth it becomes a necessity to make a balance in both your academic and competitive syllabus.

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Practice is the key

Do as many workbooks as possible. Workbooks contain multiple-choice questions which are divided into the section of logical reasoning, mathematical reasoning, everyday mathematics, and achievers section, followed by hints and explanations at the end of the book.

Moreover, prepare separate notebooks for the questions that you find very learning and hard to do and practice them again on the weekend so that you can learn all the tactics and become happy fast in solving the problems. Another advantage is that you will have your separate question bank for yourself which is made just according to your need.

Keep solving crosswords and random puzzles based on math. Keep participating in math quiz competitions, doing such puzzles and quizzes will provide you with an extra boost and learning to solve and you will appreciate yourself more in solving these extra pieces of the quest. Mentioning the fact that solving previous year’s questions is a great way to check your level. One is provided here IMO Class 5 2014 Question Paper

Not losing hope

Everyone has difficulty staying motivated and achieving their goals.

The reality is that refocusing, changing, or starting something new, no matter how minor, is a big deal. However, it is not impossible. You can do it if you take the right approach.

Write down your specific goal. Then write it down once more. Again and again. According to research, writing down a goal is part of the mental process of committing to it. Write down your goal every day to stay focused and to remind yourself how badly you want it.

By keeping track of things, you’ll be able to quickly identify when you’ve strayed from your goal, making it easier to refocus and recommit to it. Instead of feeling discouraged, you’ll know exactly where you went wrong and why.

The best thing a 5-grade student does is to keep contributing and enjoy the math competitions. Olympiad helps to discover the hidden talent of students. It encourages the students to think differently and critically. It is the best way to enhance the confidence of a growing child.

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