Why Gray Kitchen Cabinets Are The Perfect Choice


White-colored kitchens have been the top choice for the past several years. Most people love the neutral, clean, and bright look they give to a kitchen.

Gray shades for cabinets have started gaining popularity just recently. If you, too, are interested in a kitchen that has trendy and stylish cabinets, then we have a list of reasons to convince you to pick the color gray. Let’s get started!

Why Are Gray Kitchen Cabinets So Popular?

Gray is a neutral color that acts as a wild card. This is because black is bold and sophisticated, while white is airy and bright. Gray hangs in the middle as a perfect combination of both ends.

Some people may associate gray with a rainy day, but others think it’s pretty cool and laid-back as a color. This color can also bring a sense of luxury to any modern kitchen.

The best part is that gray offers an amazing contrast for all kitchen elements. You can create a beautiful ambiance and cohesive look by pairing gray cabinets with the right colored flooring and countertops.

Advantages Of Opting For Gray Kitchen Cabinets

A home remodeling or kitchen upgrade means you can opt for gray cabinets to complement your existing color theme and fit your design layout. If you are double-minded about picking gray kitchen cabinets, then we have a list of reasons to convince you they are the best possible choice:

  1. Gray Helps Add The Perfect Balance

Gray cabinets will not make your kitchen look dark, as gray is the perfect balance of both white and black. While black cabinets can be chic and sophisticated, they can also seem mysterious, dark, or gloomy. If you are someone who likes black but wants something bright to fit the aesthetic along with hiding dirt in your kitchen, then gray is the way to go.

  1. They Hide Dirt

White kitchen cabinets may seem airy and bright, they can also get rapidly dirty. They are not a great choice if you do not wish to keep wiping stains, droplets, fingerprints, and dirt after each use. Gray not only adds elegance but also offers a clean look.

  1. Gray Cabinetry Is Timeless And Versatile

Gray cabinets come in several different shades and hues. This allows people to find the best tint to match the rest of the kitchen elements. The best part is that since gray cabinetry is such a perfect fit, they never go out of style. Even when new modern kitchens end up replacing traditional designs, gray will still end up looking stunning without looking old.

  1. Perfect Match With All Types Of Countertops

Gray cabinets will perfectly match all kitchen elements, especially solid-colored countertops or marble ones. This allows you to replace cabinets without replacing all countertops. Not only will the gray shade act as a neutral focal point, but it will help merge kitchen elements while allowing accents to stand out.

Smart Tips For Placing Gray Cabinets In Your Kitchen

  1. Pick a design theme that matches with gray cabinets. You can play with shades and hues to get the perfect balance for both a modern or traditional kitchen.

  2. Opt for silver knobs and hardware for cabinet drawers and doors for a classic look.

  3. Opt for brass, matte black or gold hardware for a warmer tone and feel.

  4. Pair light gray cabinets with light colors and sufficient lighting to help create a more spacious-looking kitchen.


Gray cabinetry is the way to go if you want a kitchen that looks modern, classy, airy, and chic. The best part is that since gray is a timeless color, your kitchen will always stay trendy with gray cabinets.

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