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12 Ways to Drink More Water for Boosting Energy Levels


We all know how much water is essential for our health from skin appearance to boosting energy levels. It won’t only keep you hydrated but energetic as well—all 70% of diseases related to lack of water only. To keep yourself active throughout the day, you all need to increase water intake and for this, we will share a few ways to drink more water than routine. We all need to take at least 2-3 litres of water daily, but it’s true many of us can’t have enough water so take a look at following ways that might encourage you to have more water.

Add fruit in daily routine

Fruits have a tremendous amount of water, and it’s an easy way to get more fluid. Cucumber, strawberries, watermelon and grapefruit. Eat it fresh or take in the form of juice. Many people love to have fruits in salads, smoothies, and fresh fruit ice lollies in summers. The more you have fruits in a day, the more water needs will be fulfilled.

Take vegetables

We all know fruits have higher water content and similarly you would see vegetables have too. Heating veggies will reduce the water content, so we recommend having veggies in raw form to retain water quantity. Lettuce has 98% water and other veggies such as cabbage, cauliflower and eggplant. You can have vegetable soup as well and complete the need for a reasonable amount of water. Do let us know what vegetable soup is your favorite.

Keep water bottle always with you

You can meet the daily water requirement only if you will always have a water bottle with you. It will be much easier for everyone to drink water. By doing this, you will develop drinking water as a habit. While going out, keep this always in hand so you will not search for any fizzy drink that is not healthy and won’t keep you hydrated.

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Give a try to juice or squash

It’s challenging to get used to drinking plain water 8-10 glasses in a day, so try to get started with fruit squash or juice to add a little flavour. It keeps you hydrated, and it will have low sugar content rather than fizzy drinks and beverages. People who don’t prefer plain water they can for tangy flavoured juice or detox water. Add favourite fruit slices in plain water because it will be more appealing. Adults and children would love to have this. Real fruit extract is far better than any food colours and preservatives. With the time you would even use plain water as well.

Don’t consume coffee and tea

Tea and coffee would make you dehydrated, and people who take alcoholic drinks are dehydrated and over drinkers have to undergo treatments in rehab centres. Alcohol and caffeine disrupt your body’s fluid levels, and you won’t achieve a goal for a healthy lifestyle.

Monitor water intake

Nowadays, there are so many ways to keep track of water intake throughout the day. Mostly we are so busy in our hectic routines and even don’t remember to drink water unless we feel thirsty. Download any app on your mobile on the phone and set the alarm for this. Keeping track of water is very important for a healthy lifestyle. The simplest way of monitoring water intake has a bottle of liquid measurement, so when you consume, you would have an idea of how much water is consumed.

Set a reminder

Simple alarm with a few intervals will also help you drink water whenever you see a notification. It will make you alert for water. You may find this annoying all the time for a reminder at work, so try out other ideas.

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Drink flavoured water

You may not find plain water appealing or tasty, so it’s up to you how you would increase water taste. Add fruits and herbs to make it more interesting. Apart from fruits and herbs, you can add rosemary, mint, lemon, pineapple, cucumber, and orange to increase the taste. Several people love detox water of mint, lemon and cucumber. Use colourful straws for making it more fascinating.

Keep a water bottle by your bed

Your body doesn’t want any water at night, but there is no harm if you take a glass of water. Make sure you have taken a sufficient amount of water in a day. Keeping a water bottle by your bed is for the case when you get thirsty during the night. You can have a little bit of water in the night as well.

Take water before thinking for coffee

People working in the office always get their hands on to coffee, continuing throughout the day. All you need to do whenever you think about coffee take water before that. It’s a trick to have more water before having coffee.

Set deadlines

You won’t achieve your water intake goal unless you don’t set a deadline for yourself. You might have to work harder for this, but you have to. Set a deadline for how much water you need to consume before lunch. Try to drink water as much as you can in the morning because it keeps you active and right after the meal reduces the water intake because in the evening your body doesn’t need much water intake.

Follow the proper routine for water intake

It’s essential to drink water throughout the day and follow a proper regime for water intake. It’s pretty difficult for everyone to take 8-10 glasses of water initially, but starting gradually for drinking water will make you used to it. The more you will have water, the more you will be active and energetic.

These are the ways that help you to drink more water for boosting your energy levels. Increase water intake for making your skin flawless. Maximum water will flush out toxins from your body and make you healthy. Add water to your healthy lifestyle and encourage your children to have maximum water in a day.

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