6 Ways To Improve Relationship With Your Maid

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As strange as it may sound, your maid plays an important role in the lives of your family. Why? Because after months or years of working for you and your family, she has learned to love and care for everyone. She’ll make sure to give your sick children or elderly parents their medications on time. You can always rely on your maid, especially times when you need her the most. If your current maid leaves due to work-relation problems, it would be tiring and stressful to seek a new maid. That’s why you must always try to get closer to your maid and build a healthy relationship, especially if you know she’s such a big help to your family. But how exactly can you build a healthy relationship with your maid?

In this article, we’ll go through 7 ways you can strengthen the relationship with your maid

Additionally, being a good employer is also one way of building a good relationship with your maid. A good employer should know the important bond deposits associated with maid hiring. Such bonds include security and performance bonds which guarantee that you and your maid follow the terms and conditions of the work permit. Only maids from such nationalities such as the Philippines have to have a performance bond. “How can I take care of my maid’s performance bond?” Here’s an informative article to answer that question.

Let’s now proceed with the seven helpful tips for building a good relationship with your maid.

Constantly communicate with her.

Communication is the cornerstone and key to all aspects of relationships. It helps to overcome any household rules questions or problems your maid has. A lot of maids typically take a while to open up as they can still be accustomed to their new workplace.

Just because your maid did not raise an issue or concern, do not presume that all is perfect. You should instead take the initiative and allow your maid to share her concerns. Make sure you will be her trustee for not only technical but also personal reasons. Also, English is not always the first language of your maid and that your language may be too deep or abstract to comprehend at times. That’s why, when transmitting some instructions to her, you must be patient.

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She should know your expectations.

Just like in the corporate world, your bosses or clients will have their expectations that you need to reach. This is just the same for your maids. She can’t read minds, and mainly she’ll follow whatever instructions you’d tell her to do. A way to help your maid meet your expectations is by creating a list in a condensed way. This makes your and your maid’s lives simpler, as she may easily refer to the list if she forgets any of the activities. 

You should, however, always be there to direct her along the route, particularly if she needs additional clarification. This will mitigate the incidence of potentially conflicting desires between you and your helper. You and your maid should agree to a work contract to facilitate things. Here’s what you can find in that employment contract:

  • Salary fee
  • Leave benefits
  • Employment period
  • House rules
  • Termination of contract conditions
  • How many days off in a month
  • Compensation when maid works on her day off
  • Medical expenses
  • Duties and responsibilities of both employer and maid
Don’t forget to reward her.

It can take a long time to show a token of appreciation for your maid’s work, but rewarding her for doing an outstanding job can easily make her feel valued. Rewards may take the form of cash or an extra-day off during the week. Also, show your appreciation by preparing a special homemade meal. If you want to help your maid boost her energy to work, try to compliment her more often, and you’ll see that she’s starting to do better with her job. 

Build trust

Whether she makes mistakes or does not fulfil those tasks, do not scold her. It would help if you instead tried to speak privately with her. Do not automatically scold her for her mistakes. Instead, help her to make her errors more tactful and correct them.

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In addition, allowing your maid to leave the house on her days off gives her a feeling of trust. This shows your maid that during her time off, you trust her to make wise decisions. 

Her privacy should be respected, so does yours.

Your maid should also have the freedom to keep her personal belongings, such as her atm cards, passport, and financial and travel papers. Confiscating her personal items on the basis of protection would not only give you and your maid a feeling of suspicion, but it could also distract her from competently performing her daily duties. Your maid will not be able to concentrate on her job without the assurance that you are compensated for her service and job.

For domestic workers, it is very important to maintain control of their bank account. This is the only way they can send money back to their families. Try always to give your maid her privacy as it is her right to take hold of that. 

Teach her the tasks she might not be familiar with

There are a variety of house rules in each household. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect your maid to immediately meet your standards, especially if she just started working for you. Show her how you want to carry out certain household chores. It is more successful to show her how to do it than to dictate the steps.

Thanks to your guidance, she will easily adjust to her new work environment. Your relationship with your maid will also appreciate your efforts of teaching and guiding her. This way, she’ll know that she can come to you if she has some troubles doing certain tasks. Some employers can easily get irritated and leave their maids to do the tasks without teaching them how to do it. And when an accident happens due to lack of knowledge of the task, their employer will get mad at them. This doesn’t seem fair to their maid, right? Having this kind of mindset can make it difficult to build a good relationship with your maid.

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