Live TV Streaming & Traditional TV Service


Cord-cutting refers to the cancellation of traditional TV services to drop the television channels. The content available on the streaming platforms is either free or somewhat cheaper than the subscription through cable. There are multiple reasons why live TV streaming is taking over traditional TV. If you ever had a traditional cable subscription, you must have been through all the hassle that comes with the subscription. 

While signing up for the service, you have to pay an installation charge. After installation, you have to pay equipment rental, taxes, sports, and local surcharges on top. As a result, your monthly bill amounts to $70 to $80 just for the basic cable. 

Live TV streaming is convenient as it does not require any installation. You just need high-speed internet. But the only drawback is the limited availability of channels. 

However, many cable TV providers have modernized their approach. For example, if you subscribe to Spectrum TV Packages, you get an advanced DVR, a library of on-demand, and exceptional channel coverage, everything in an affordable amount. 

In this article, we will discuss the merits and demerits of Live TV Streaming and Traditional TV service. 


Live TV Streaming functions just like Netflix and other streaming platforms. However, instead of streaming TV shows and movies directly, you stream live TV channels in high-definition.  This is the most convenient way of watching TV as it requires no cable boxes, equipment rental, and local surcharges. 

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In addition to this, there are many other benefits of switching to Live TV streaming. Here are some of them: 

Pay for what you watch

On a streaming service, things are simple. Just pay for what you watch. Cable TV might offer a hundred more channels but it is highly unlikely that you watch all of them. It is useless to have more than a hundred channels when you don’t need more than 50. Traditional TV services lack customization. Therefore, you end up paying more. Conversely, Live TV Streaming lets you have only those channels you prefer watching. 

It is more convenient 

Live TV Streaming is more convenient. The traditional cable could only be used with a TV. The greatest benefit of Live TV streaming platforms is that you can watch it directly from your phone, tablet, and even a laptop. You only need a working high-speed internet and you can get all the exclusive action and entertainment from your favorite TV channel.


There are a lot of different prices involved in a cable subscription. There is a monthly charge for the plan. You have to pay local and sports surcharges on top of equipment rental. Therefore, your bill amounts up to $70 easily before taxes. 

Traditional Cable TV 

There are countless benefits of cable TV:

Extensive channel lineups 

With cable service, you have the option of an extensive channel lineup. This includes all the popular channels in the world of sports, lifestyle, entertainment, and news. You can get all the exclusive action from the world of NBA, NFL, NHL, MLS, and MLB without needing to get separate services for all. 

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Extensive local channels 

If you are a fan of college football or basketball, you need all the local sports channels to watch all those entertaining games. The biggest flaw of TV streaming is that you get a very limited quantity of local channels. Therefore, you might catch a lot of action from your local sports team. 

Bundling opportunities 

Many cable providers offer all three services namely high-speed internet, HD cable TV, and digital phone. If you subscribe to all three or all two services at once, you can avail some amazing discounts. The bundles are really cheap. 

Which one should you get?

If you have a basic usage that involves watching some of the important news and sports channels, then it is better to invest in Live TV streaming and high-speed internet. If you want an extensive channel lineup with all the local and national news or sports channel, and there is a great saving opportunity to bundle high-speed internet, get cable TV. You can purchase your own modem or router to save some amount on your monthly bill. 

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