Recycled Condoms

More Than 345,000 Recycled Condoms Confiscated by Police in Vietnam


Police in Vietnam confiscates 345,000 used condoms that were cleaned and sold as new. A video was put out broadcasting about the recycled condoms from the state media. It shows how dozens of big bags with used contraceptives were scattered across a floor in a warehouse. The bags were found in the southern province of the Binh Duong area. All total, the bags weighed more than 360 kilos, which is almost 794 lbs. according to that calculation, the number of condoms will be approximately 345,000 as per state news

When investigated by the police, the warehouse owner admitted to receiving a monthly number of used condoms from an unknown person. A woman has been detained during the bust. She told the police that the used sexual protection was first boiled in water and then dried. They are also reshaped with phallus and then repackaged for selling.

Recycled condoms confiscated

The state media could not confirm how many condoms were present in the bags or how many were already sold. They detained a woman who admitted she used to get $0.17 for every kilogram of condoms she reshaped for usage.

It all started after a resident informed the police about what was going on in the warehouse. The police raided the place after the information and found out about this dirty act.

The process of recycling condoms is dangerous to society. It causes high chances of spreading sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, syphilis, and gonorrhea. Thus at any cost, such an act must be prevented and taken action upon.

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Sexual experts suggest that in no way can people reuse condoms. The process itself is filthy, and everyone around the world must know about it to prevent such acts. As of now, there are no reports from the Vietnam police on further investigation and charges.

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