Shades of Gold Give

Shades of Gold Give a Midas Touch to Your Living Room

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New Year is just a few days away! I know you are busy shopping, preparing the menu, and decorating your home to celebrate New Year in style. What is your plan for New Year’s interior decoration? Are you yet to think over it? Let me help you decide on how to renovate the look of your living room.

Gold is always associated with class, elegance, and opulence. Gold shades, wherever used, invites viewers’ attention to itself. You cannot help but praise the astonishing beauty that gold brings to an otherwise neutral appearance.

Here are 10 ways to show how you can accentuate the decoration of your living room and lend it a touch of uniqueness and class with a ‘golden’ accent:

Believe in Contrast: Neutral shades contrast and complement gold in a convincing way. Place a couple of gold vases on the glass-top tea table in your living room. The reflection of these vases on the glass will contrast the neutral shades and make the living room livelier. Throw a couple of gold pillows on the sofa to accentuate the ‘gold accent’ to an interesting level.

Hang Gold Lampshade: Gold lampshade is the perfect element to bring your otherwise plain-looking living room to life. The gold in the lampshade goes well with the neutral hues in your living room.

Sprinkle Gold Everywhere: Crate magic with gold! Spread a touch of gold throughout your room. Use a dash of gold in the frames, fairy lights, cushions, and knick-knacks.

Paint Wall Gold: Redefine your living room by painting the walls gold. Use gold ottoman and spread knick-knacks having different shades of gold around the room.

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Place Gold Sofas: Sofas in light gold stand out from otherwise dull décor dominated by neutral tone. If you have bookshelves in the living room, make sure to lend it a vibrant shade of gold. Place an intricately designed gold mirror above the fireplace to welcome a more aesthetic charm into your interior.

Use Gold Upholstery: To make the living room opulent, classy and elegant, think about using gold upholstery in keeping with the gold shades sprinkled throughout your room,

Hang Gold Curtains: Use lots and lots of gold in different shades around the room having a predominantly neutral tone. Break the monotone with a monopoly of gold by hanging gold curtains. Gold in curtains, gold in cushions, gold in mirrors, and gold in almost everything will give your living room a royal look and feel.

Use Gold Wall Hanging: Enliven the Spartan look of an urban living room with a heavy wall hanging in gold shade. Throw some solid cushions in different shades of gold on your sofa-cum-bed and chairs to complete the theme.

Paint Furniture in Gold: If you have gold artifacts sprinkled throughout your living room, use light gold shades to paint furniture. Think about using specks of gold on the flooring to match the theme of the interior. 

Use Divider in Gold Shade: Dividers are the latest ‘in’ element to enhance the visual appeal of your living room. The divider in the light gold shade seamlessly blends well with the artifacts in dark gold shades, placed on the shelves.

Do you love the above ideas of interior decoration? We are looking forward to guest blog posts on interior design ideas. Feel free to share your invaluable thoughts with us.

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