Tips on How to Get Your Suspended Amazon Account Back

Tips on How to Get Your Suspended Amazon Account Back

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Receiving an Amazon account suspension notification is not what you expect from selling on this platform, but it happens, and it happens on a regular basis among sellers. We at Got Suspended? think that it’s better to be prepared, rather than live in the unknown. This is why there are several tips you should follow to get your account as fast as it is possible.

Let’s just pretend, you are operating your business like you always do, you source products from your supply chain, list them on Amazon, confirm and fulfill orders. And suddenly, out of the blue, Amazon sends you a notification that your account is suspended. If Amazon is nice to you, it will let you know the reason for your suspension, but what if it won’t?

Every Amazon seller knows that the secret for reinstatement is a cut-throat appeal letter, but there are tons of work to do before that. Firstly, you should identify the reason for your suspension, which is sometimes very difficult to handle; Amazon is full of mysteries, and this is one of them. Carefully read the email, find the keywords, check your account health metrics, and you will immediately find out the reason. Also, don’t forget to put your account on vacation mode, so that no customer makes an order from your listings while you’re working on your suspension.

To get your suspended account back, your appeal letter, or plan of actions should be on a whole other level. It is important that you strike while the iron is hot, so start this whole researching and planning process right after Amazon’s notification! IMPORTANT: don’t be rude to the Seller Performance team and don’t threaten to take them to court; otherwise, you’ll have to say goodbye to your account forever. Stay calm, and be professional, because this is one of the things that Seller Performance takes into account while reviewing Amazon appeals.

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Describe the problem which has led to the suspension, and talk about the examination you conducted for identifying the root cause of your suspension. The Seller Performance team needs some information and accurate data referring to your suspension; don’t include false info, Amazon will find out.

Amazon wants you to fix your mistakes, and make some amendments so that no suspension occurs in the future. Just be honest, and show how hard you worked to get your account back, and what you are planning to do to avoid suspensions in the future.

The team is really busy, because thousands of sellers like you send in their appeals; so, be patient, and don’t overburden them with several letters. One appeal letter is enough; they just haven’t managed to look through your appeal yet! Just have some patience, and everything will be fine.

Even though there are many tips to get your suspended account back, it is easier to follow Amazon’s policies and requirements, which will not only take the suspension’s pressure off your back, but will also give you some spare time to improve your business and market in the most suitable ways! 

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