Top Melodious Telugu Movie Romantic Songs – That Changes Your Mind



Romantic songs We live in the age of science and technology. We can now listen to a song without trouble tap on the browser and get the best songs ever in the Telugu industry. It is possible with the help of the Internet. Believe it or not, the Internet brings the world into our hands, and now we can get the very touchable thing on the Internet. So it is the tremendous evolutionary changes.

Songs are also helpful things that change our mood instantly. It is also the great antidote of changes in our depression and anxiety. There also have many pieces of the Telugu industry, which are the best romantic songs. You can again hear the songs by download from the naa songs free mp3 website. So visit the website now and read this article.

Jigelu Rani

Chandrabose was the lyricist of the song, one of the best pieces of the Telugu movie. It is the number one ranking Telugu romantic song with melodious tune also. The song already has 142 million views on Youtube. Rela Kumar and Ganta Venkata Lakshmi sang the songs with their sweet voice.

The song is collected from the movie Rangasthalam, cast by Ram Charan and Pooja Hegde. Devi Sri Prasad was the music producer of the song, voted by all the visitors and Ram Charan lovers. Also, it has been marked as the best romantic songs.

Lets Make Love

The song is from the movie name Dirty Hari, one of the romantic Telugu movies. The song is also the best song romantic song on Youtube now. You can see the pieces that the music shows that many romantic scenes with a couple having spent time with each other. Also added that the song has gain 10 million views on Youtube. 

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Mark K Robin was the music composer and artistic director of the songs of Krishna Kanth (KK). After the release of the songs, it gains a much more successful review. Manisha Eerabathini sang this romantic song. It is also noted to this song that the music has already gained the number one list at the romantic songs list.

Epudu Ante Appudu

The song is collected from the movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, one of the average rated films at the box office. There has reasoned that the song has over the romantic scene in the songs. And the music is also the best song in this sector. The song also gains 2 million views on Youtube, which is the best song on the romantic Telugu songs list.

Sharavana Bhargavi sang this song which lyricist was Sriram Tapaswi under the direction of Ghantasala Viswanath. All audiences also nominate the song with positive reviews, and the songs again broke the telugu songs download record.


So it is also needed to say that the songs that we added in this article are the best melodic songs in Telugu songs. Many of the songs lovers vote these songs as the top 3 romantic Telugu songs, which give the Telugu industry much more fame. So enjoy the moment by listening to these songs.

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