Stainless Steel over PVC

Why Stainless Steel Pipes Are Recommended Over PVC pipes In Industries


Industries depend on their piping pattern to keep everything about the structure in position. Steel and PVC pipes play an important function for plumbing or HVAC systems that help in regulating temperature and facilitate the easy flow of fluid in space. Let’s see why stainless steel pipes are recommended over PVC pipes in industries.

Before you make a decision to go for steel pipes or PVC pipes, you should have an understanding of the qualities of the steel and plastic material. All these materials are ideal in piping but steel pipes would outweigh PVC.  Continue reading to learn more and know how to distinguish them.

What Are Stainless Steel Pipes?

Stainless steel is an all-around material made up of a steel alloy and a small portion of chromium. The addition of chromium makes the materials resist corrosion easily, it is chromium that made the existence of the name stainless steel. They can be painted to achieve the desired color may be from the company’s theme color.

These pipes can easily get fixed with different types of valves depending on the fluid or gas in the pipes. Butterfly valve, ball valve, gate valve, and check valve, these valves are all ideal in steel piping. For more information on the best valve to fit in your pipes contact 

The ability of stainless steel to have low maintenance, oxidation resistance, and has no effect on other metals it comes in contact with, makes it ideal to be used in a large batch of applications in piping and tubing manufacturing. 

What Are PVC pipes?

PVC in full is polyvinyl chloride. PVC pipes have a good number of uses when it comes to piping work, from the transportation of water to drainage work to fire sprinkler systems. They also apply in electrical insulation, medical tubing, and many more. Polyvinyl chloride general use falls in water supply, plumbing, and irrigation. Some of the PVC pipes are used as hot or cold water passages in industries.

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In most industrial work, stainless steel pipes would come first before PVC pipes. It doesn’t necessarily mean PVC is not best, they are also ideal in piping but steel piping advantages would outweigh the PVC pipes anytime. Let us have a quick look at a few merits that make steel pipes most recommended over PVC.

  • Resistant To Heat

Most steel pipes are highly resistant to heat compared to PVC pipes. This trait makes them ideal for other purposes, such as for petrochemical works. Petrochemical operations involve high pressures and high heat, such conditions only stainless steel pipes are ideal since they can withstand high pressure and heat. PVC pipes could end up melting away from such conditions since they cannot withstand temperatures beyond 60 degrees Celsius.

  • Durability

Apart from just being strong, they are also more durable. The most popular piping systems for buildings that recently are installed below the ground may be to transport fluids from one area to another. These materials need to be strong enough to support other structures above the ground. 

It is essential that apart from being strong, they are durable enough to be able to perform such functions. Such weight will only make steel bend but they will maintain their shapes and functions, unlike PVC pipes which might become deformed over time because they are not able to withhold the pressures they are subjected to. Steel pipes are also beneficial since it reduces costs associated with leakages.

  • Cost

When it comes to cost, PVC pipes would be leading. Manufacturing PVC pipes are more expensive than steel pipes,  especially when they come pre-cut by the manufacturer. Another factor that makes PVC pipes more costly than steel pipes is the act that they are frequently being uninstalled, taken apart, and replaced or repaired due to breakage or leakages. Steel pipes are strong and very difficult to break making their replacement cost relatively cheaper. 

  • Adaptability

Steel pipes are accompanied by a good number of uses, apart from being used in Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), piping, and petrochemical systems, they are also used in structural works that are both functional and decorative. Steel pipes can as well be used in constructing piling. Piling is normally done when materials used to build a foundation are not so steady to support the entire structure. For PVC pipes, such situations cannot be handled but PVC pipes are ideal for plumbing or electrical wiring housing.

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So far we have all agreed that between steel pipes and PVC pipes, stainless steel pipes are over PVC always. They are ever steady, more durable, affordable, and are cost-friendly compared to PVC pipes. Before coming up with the type of pipe to use between these two materials, don’t forget about the environmental conditions that they have to be subject to. 

For plumbing, petrochemical, and structural works, it’s definitely more ideal to go with steel which can withstand any type of condition. Also, it is important to have them checked regularly especially PVC pipes, and have them repaired and maintained well in order to serve you for long.

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