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5 Extraordinary Sunglasses for Men That Will Make Women Flirt with You


As a man, you obviously understand how important it is to put the right step forward in social situations, especially when it comes to courting your ladylove or making an impression amongst women. Similarly, you know how having the right look helps to speak for who you are. But to appear in that right look to make that right impression, you need to take care of some basic elements of grooming. Appearing fashionable and approachable is possible if you have the right colours, prints, shoes, and accessories. But to appear in sync, all these elements need to complement one another to give a chic and effortless look. While outfits, shoes, colour combinations, etc., are taken care of, what remains underrated are sunglasses for men. Sunglasses are often more instrumental in making a lasting impression on women.

A pair of sunglasses for men over a perfectly tailored outfit and accessories can significantly amp up the vibe! Therefore, it is vital to invest in a versatile pair of sunglasses for men. The right pair of sunglasses can accentuate your facial features while adding a stylish finishing touch to complete your outfit. Each outfit speaks for a different part of you. The appropriate pair of sunglasses for men makes you look like a perfectly put-together gentleman who’d be the centre of every woman’s attention. 

That said, let us look at some of the extraordinary sunglasses for men that make you look appealing and stylish to all those around you. 

Square Rimmed in Grey

Square Rimmed in Grey

Echoing the aesthetic of the aviators, these grey square rimmed sunglasses for men are a stand-out accessory if you prefer angular sunglasses with a sharp finish. The vintage-inspired lenses and browline are the characteristic feature of these sunglasses. It is designed to make a memorable addition to your appearance. When styled right with business wear, they communicate a sense of confidence while being versatile and stylish all at once. In most cases as a rule of thumb, square lenses are an ideal choice as a design meant for you if you wish to carry yourself with an edge above the rest. 

Brown Wayfarers

Brown Wayfarers

The fundamental purpose of Wayfarers is to give comfort, protection, and style to your personality. The strong-edged angular frames are the most flattering on round and softer features, making you look ready for business or a date. Suave and effortless, this pair of sunglasses offer comfort as a prime benefit and complements all kinds of outfits. Wayfarer sunglasses for men are great to wear all year round. So, instead of taking the conventional route with black-rimmed wayfarers, you can go for brown or a lighter shade for a subtle and playful touch to your appearance. 

Black Round Ones

Black Round Ones

A vintage touch is always a welcome way to play up your appearance to make women notice you. As a sure way to get compliments and attention, donning a pair of round sunglasses for men always works. As a reliable yet timeless accessory, it communicates a sense of confidence when choosing unconventional frame shapes such as round-rimmed sunglasses. If you have sharper jawlines, round glasses are one of the best options to get a quick and stylish makeover. If you want to experiment with your eyewear collection and move towards bolder choices, black round-rimmed sunglasses for men are great to get started with.

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Light Aviators

Light Aviators

Very strikingly, light-coloured aviators have been making a bold return to eyewear collections lately. The iconic bridged style which men have sworn by for decades has solidified their space in the archives of eyewear fashion essentials. Opt for these light-coloured aviators to make your presence felt in this age of urban aesthetics. 



Oval lenses are synonymous with fashion. Inspired by the minimalistic trend that swept global fashion houses in late 2020, these sunglasses for men are a great accessory to those who pay great attention to detail. These sunglasses are meant for the creatively driven and can spark conversations. They arouse the interest of women around you, lending you a magnetic presence. 

From minimalism to eccentric shades that garner intrigue, trusted eyewear brands such as Fastrack offer fresh designs that make you stand out. So, if you want women to get flirty with you, without much ado, head over to the Fastrack stores and spruce up your eyewear collection today.


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