6 Best Possible Adventurous Activities for Tourists in the USA


We don’t mean to sound cocky, but you do know it is the United States that we are talking about. Finding possible adventure activities to do in a country with 50 States shouldn’t be such a hard task. However, as with all big things, it can be challenging to find a needle in the haystack. Let us show you six of the best and most popular adventure activities that you can embark on as a tourist in the United States.


  1. Take a trip to the Grand Canyon

If there was any other word that could qualify the Canyon, we are sure they wouldn’t have adapted Grand as the qualifier. The Grand Canyon features camp and hike trails that will have the hair on your neck stand in thrill. If you want adventure, then a visit to the Canyon might be what you need. If you are only interested in the sight, then we recommend a close to a one-hour flight over the Canyon. Besides casual sightseeing, the valley floor is accessible by foot or bus. You can also skydive near the Canyon. We, however, recommend that you are subtle in your approach. Why? Because several tourists have been injured on a visit to the Canyon.

  1. Visit Yellowstone 

Now, a visit to Yellowstone might not sound as dangerous as the Grand Canyon; however, the beauty and scenery are a thrill to behold. The national park is one of the best destinations for seeing unspoiled beauty. With more than four million frequenting the park yearly, the site is nothing short of breathtaking. Watch hot springs erupt, and wildflowers grow under the forest canopy surrounded by hundreds of species of animals. The Bison Herd is the largest and oldest of its kind in the Country. Plus, Yellowstone offers recreation activities like boating, camping, and hiking beside one of its many waterfalls, lakes, and mountains.

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  1. Go for a climb at Yosemite 

Yosemite is another enormous natural landscape in California, United States, with daunting cliffs and unique rock formations. Despite its large size, adventurous tourists attempt climbs on the glaciers, mountains, and granite. Notable for its waterfall, the site is home to grand meadows, deep valleys, vast wilderness, and ancient and giant sequoias. You can also schedule guided climbing and tour lessons or apply for a wilderness permit to stay overnight for a hike. Yosemite also boasts of famous lodgings and camping grounds.

  1. Zipline across the many mountains in New York 

Ziplining activities is available for individuals and families looking for wild outdoor adventure. The outdoor activities take place at specific high mountains scattered across the Country and are designed to challenge every tourist without cutting down on fun. All you have to do is fly through the air at about 1200 Ft high under guided supervision with only a cord attached to your body. It seems fun, doesn’t it? It would be best if you tried it out.

  1. Visit Lake Tahoe 

The lake has been a favorite spot for many travelers and tourists for many years. Towering mountaintops, steep granite cliffs, and clear waters are few of the sights in Tahoe. It also has a reputation as a place to find one of the most fascinating and beautiful water bodies in the US. Although the stunning blue lake is worth your visit for a look at the scenery, the mile-long hike is what gets many tourists. While on your stay, you can visit the emerald bay state park, Squaw Valley, Trail museum, and more.

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  1. Visit Hawaii 

The Big Island is another place to visit if you crave for outdoor fun. The majestic Island is geographically located between snow-covered peaks, beaches, lush rainforest, and lava deserts. If you have a thing for earth and fire, then the Volcano park or the Kilauea Volcano is a sight to behold. You can also back at any of the many beaches available in different colours.


How to Visit The USA As A Tourist?


Visiting the United States as a tourist is easier than visiting to look for employment or settling down. For an international traveler, visiting any of the sites we have listed above for business or pleasure is not stressful. Instead, the process is faster and quicker with the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). The USA ESTA form is open to citizens of countries covered by the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) to visit the US without a Visa. Unlike Visa, the ESTA is best for short term visits of not more than 90 days for business or pleasure for a tourist like yourself. If you are from any of the countries covered by the VWP, then you only need a valid email, valid passport from your Country, and a few other documents to apply. Application approval takes less than two days, but you can check your ESTA status to track the progress.



Visit ice caves, go kayaking, have a dip in the pool, whatever it is you like to do on your visit to the United States. Why let the large outdoor space and impressive landscape go to waste?


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