How 5-star Facebook reviews Increase your sell


Facebook is a social channel to keep in touch with near and dear is ones. The purpose of Facebook is not limited to a small extent. It has become a global business hub. A solid presence on Facebook will return regular sales for your business. You will have so many contact and potential customers through Facebook. Overall billions of people are active globally in this popular platform.Day by day, Facebook users will be growing rapidly. Irrespective of the demographic location, you will get endless audiences. Remember your first customer will always be a stranger. For this reason, you will get so many connections.

 Therefore, for an unknown customer your business page recommendation, reviews, and rating are crucial. It is a universal social network. You are encouraged to share your ideas, thoughts, and opinions at any time.It could be personal issues and business-related posts too. Truth to say, it has become more business place now. Just like other platforms like Google and Yelp, Facebook reviews helps a customer. Customers make buying decisions smartly after learning reviews. Positive reviews help to bring out the positive result and vice-versa.

How effective of Facebook Reviews

Facebook reviews are beneficial for your customers. They are free to submit anything to your business page. You will experience both good and bad reviews from the customer corner. There is no doubt it encourages people to review their thoughts on you.

Search engines always care for optimizing and analyzing your business pages. It determines reliability and constancy. The discussion and reviews of the business page online have a great impact on the search engine. Visibility of your gives good search results for customers as well.

Almost 90 % of traffic wants 5 star Facebook reviews to read. In addition, people believe instantly if they read positive reviews. Marketing proof greatly depends on personal recommendation.18 percentage sales increase due to positive comments on your business.

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 Customer feedback involves other potential customers to understand better your product and service. For complete understanding and sales consistency in sales, you need customer cooperation. Facebook is a platform for customers to reply to any of the kinds of questions publicly.

Help Customers to Review on your Business page

For generating reviews on this platform, help customers first. Request your customer politely to leave reviews. After making purchase customers usually forget to write reviews due to business. 

The soft remainder in an email for every customer is essential. Ask him or her gently how he or she feel about you. Let them assess them and understand their satisfaction level. Appreciate those who have done reviews writing for you. Be careful about creating your Review Tab.

Unfortunately, some people do not understand to settings tab. When you view page information simply click the about tab on the left. Then Edit Page Info to the right it will show message us. Now you can add your details address and city too. Finally, play around with address and templates settings. Still, if you cannot find the reviews tab. Furnish it as much information as you can provide. 


However, you can make aware of the check-in facility. Put it for customers to see in the near waiting area. If someone comes instantly, Facebook sends him or her a message. Eventually, ask them to write reviews. Nevertheless, it will not work every time. So as long as it works why should not you take the opportunity to use? 

Most importantly, this is a great way of encouragement for people to leave reviews. It will not break terms of service for Facebook. If you do not know, the rules or terms of use of Facebook learn them now. Google guidelines and the Facebook community identify your reviews. 

Mostly positive reviews are important for them to understand the nature of business. On the other hand, the guidelines of Facebook are a bit unclear though. However, generally, Facebook does accept to incentivize or fake reviews. 

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Now ask me what is incentivize reviews are? It is mainly leaving reviews in return for something else. Likewise, it could be an abnormal discount for review writers or gift items for them in exchange for reviews. After all, it breaks the Facebook rules.

How reviews matter to your page

Bear in mind, you cannot remove bad reviews. In the case of Facebook at best, what you can do is switch off the reviews notification button. However, spamming and irrelevant reviews break privacy laws.so then you can take help from the Facebook help center.

I think you should embrace negative and positive reviews. The reason is simple. Never feel panic for bad reviews you can turn bad reviews into positive reviews. What you can do is to respond to all the negative reviews with a positive tone. First, thank them for connecting with you. 

Listen carefully to their problems and gradually try to solve their problems. Unbelievably they will love to hear from you. I guarantee you a proper communication can solve many problems. Once a customer is happy with product and service, they become a repeated customer.  

So all you have to understand how professional you are. Dealing with a customer is never easy. Keep things cool and simple. Always keep in mind bad reviews can even help you. It shows your engagement with your customer. Therefore, reply to your customer and show people how you deal with criticisms confidently. 


To sum up, Facebook reviews matters for your business promotion. Create chatbots along with proper content. Bear in mind, it has a high conversation rate. It creates an immense possibility for sale. Besides, it creates cool marketing for you. 


At the same time, you get good customer care support for the first greeting to your customer. It works as a helping hand for you. Let them ask for reviews through Messenger Chabot. Lastly, it is a natural way of creating reviews for your site. After all, your entire customer using messenger so it will keep reminding them to write reviews. 

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