4 Astounding Gadgets

4 Astounding Gadgets that have made Our Life Supremely Luxurious!


If you compare your childhood with what the present children are experiencing, you will see a vast difference in both.

I am not saying ours was better or worse than what the children enjoy today, no. The difference is startling, yet saying that one is better than the other would be unfair and morally wrong.

I just want to highlight the difference and to make you think about the paramount cause of the distinction.

The parenting techniques are the same.

The moral values that are being taught are the same.

The child goes to school at a similar age to when we entered school.

So, where is the difference? The difference lies in the technological gadgets that are available in the present times.

We did not learn our rhymes through YouTube.

We did not know how to use a computer properly until we entered school.

We could not record our favourite cartoons to be watched later.

The present generation is able to do all of this and so much more because of the gadgets that have been made available to them through technological innovations.

Technology has transformed our lives to look drastically different from what we were used to in the past. Technology is a tool that is so powerful and uplifting that numerous small businesses have taken loans in Belgium with ease to get the best use of this domain.

Now, let us delve right into these gizmos that have revolutionised the way we live our lives with a hint of nostalgia with each one.

The SmartPhone

Do you remember the days when we used to love the experience of the small, yet heavy Nokia phones? I am talking about the early 2000s, when smartphones, had not yet become the rage they are today.

Even the iPhone 3GS, which looks beyond rudimentary now, seemed like the marvellous creation of all time. Compared to the iPhone 11 Max Pro, the phone is trash.


 I grew up in a time when the internet only worked on computers.

I grew up in a time when phones were only meant to make and receive calls.

I grew up in a time when selfies were taken by turning the 2MP rear camera to face you.

I grew up in a time when the only game I could play on my black and white Nokia involved making the snake longer.

I am talking about that time so that you can realise how much of luxury the present day smartphones have given us.

Today, we can do just about anything we want on our smartphones. This is a gadget that has not only made our lives more convenient, but the luxury that they provide has made us entirely dependent on them as well.

  • You can click professional like pictures on your smartphones.
  • You can send, receive and write work reports, presentations and client details from your smartphones.
  • You can buy clothes, jewellery, food and even used cars from your smartphones.
  • You can become a professional gamer or influencer using your smartphones and make a bucket load of money through these endeavours.

A smartphone has been the greatest blessing to the contemporary folks, a blessing without which life would be meaningless and colourless.

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Apple, Samsung, Asus, One Plus and Honour are few of the big names in this market. And I can bet you must have used one of their phones in recent times.

Smart TV

Smart TV

Let us jump from the smartphone to the technical transformation of the ordinary TV into a smart TV.

Do you remember the black and white box-like television we used to have in the 90s?

I remember ours did not even have a remote, I and my brother used to sit close enough the flip the channels once the commercial was on.

Then came along the advancement, the black and white box TV got some colour. This TV had a remote, thank God, and was bigger in size than the earlier versions.

Those were good times, even if the smartness was not yet invented.

Today’s smart TVs are worlds apart from what I was used to in my childhood.

The gigantic flat screens of the TV were impressive enough for me, however, their smart quotient has taken the game to the next level.

A smart TV can do wonderful things for you because it has room for the web connection. This gadget is equipped to accommodate the internet and let the user experience all that the internet has to offer.

  • Through the internet, you can watch Netflix on it. The Bird Box experience becomes ten times better on the 50-inch flat-screen of the smart TV.
  • Watching YouTube becomes an experience that you are bound to love, and the rest of the social media platforms cannot be left behind. Facebook and Instagram can also be accessed on the smart TV.
  • A match of PUBG or Call Of Duty will never be as thrilling on your phone as it will be on your Smart TV. I personally feel that the high-definition screen of the TV was meant to improve the graphics of these games.

When I used the smart TV for the first time, I felt like having an out of body experience. And coming from a generation of black and white TV boxes, it is understandable.

Was it the same for you?

The Smart Speaker

You might be wondering what a smart speaker is as you should be. I also came to know about this category when I was researching this blog.

Are you familiar with Alexa?

I am almost sure you must be. I also feel that you or someone you know must own an Alexa. Now think about it, what is an Alexa?

Smart Speaker

If you had to define her in just two words, which words would you use? Would those words by any chance be “a smart speaker?”

 They would indeed be just those.

Alexa is a modern-day version of the speakers that were only meant to play music in the past and not so technologically advanced times. I own one myself and let me tell you, you will not regret the purchase for a second.

Alexa is so versatile and handy that once you have been with her, you cannot stay without her. Your life and your home would start to feel empty and hallow.


  • It is because all you have to do is say “Hi Alexa” and it would wake right up to cater to your needs.
  • It is because you can ask Alexa anything that you want to and rest assured that she will answer.
  • It is because Alexa can be connected to multiple devices through wi-fi and makes it easy for you to access all of them.
  • It is because Alexa can play you music, read your emails, remind you about your appointments, tell you the weather, order food for you and turn on the lights when the sun starts to set.

Can you tell me any other device that can do all of this for you? Alexa is found in the Amazon Echo, and I got one for less than €200 through Credit Pont, an online lender that will fulfil all your finance needs just like Alexa.

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The Smart Air Purifier

The last gadget I want to talk about is the one related to keeping us healthy. It is the smart air purifier.

Imagine if someone thought of this idea in the 80s or 90s, people would have called it an utter wastage of time, efforts and money, and certainly nobody would have bought it.

The Smart Air Purifier

However, in the present times, the need for an air purifier has become just that, a need that needs to be fulfilled.

Many say that it is because of the deteriorating air quality of the present times, which mandates a person to buy this gadget and at least purify the air that he breathes inside his home.

The smart air purifier helps in;

  • Purifying the air inside your home by sucking in the air that is present inside your home and running it through its filter to then releasing it back in your room in a much purer form;
  • Keeping your allergies at bay, the tiny dust particles in the air often tend to aggravate mild allergies into a full-blown sneezing episode; trust me, I know.
  • Making life much more comfortable for people with asthma and making them less dependent on their medication at least in their homes and offices.

I do not own this device, but after mentioning it features or its benefits, I am almost inclined to go on Amazon and buy one for myself.

Winding Up

In the end, all I want to say is that the modern times have created so many devices that have made the lives of the modern folk more than just luxurious; they have given people the liberty to be themselves.

The health benefits and social advantages of the technical gadgets have made us want to know and eagerly await the arrival of the next generation of the gizmos.

Looking at how much the gadgets markets have developed in just a decade is mind-boggling; imagining how much they could develop in the next few decades will be beyond our wildest fantasies. Maybe we will have flying cars, who knows, nobody can deny the possibility.

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The number of gadgets available for us to buy is too many to even count. Which do you think would hold a position in the top four most empowering technologies? Read to find out if you and I think alike.


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