What is VoIP? And Why is it Beneficial for Your Business?

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For businesses, dealing with customers via call has become the new normal. With hundreds and thousands of customer calls each day, it becomes a complicated and expensive method for businesses. In today’s internet-controlled business culture, companies are concerned about the cost-effective and smooth telecommunication solution.

Amidst such concerns, VoIP has proven to be the best solution. VoIP service has enabled businesses with the ability to provide their customers with uninterrupted solutions. Before we learn how your business can benefit from the VoIP technology, let us know what VoIP is and how it works.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol and is a technology that supports voice calls over internet broadband instead of traditional desk phones. Due to its rich features and versatility, VoIP is known by many names such as cloud PBX, hosted VoIP, business VoIP, and many other terms.

For those willing to understand how VoIP can be incorporated into the business operations, they must be aware of the working of the technology and how data flows.

The VoIP system takes up your voice signals in the analog form and converts them into digital signals. This digital signal is then sent as data packages via a broadband line. These digital signals are converted into analog signals once they reach the receiver’s end, making the voice calls simple and free of charges.

How VoIP Benefits your Business?

As stated above, VoIP has provided businesses with a great solution to telephony hassles and concerns.Other than just the smooth connectivity and cost-efficiency, your business can experience many benefits using a voice over IP phone system.

Read on to witness some of the best ways in which VoIP technology benefits your business and eases the communication system.


VoIP easily integrates with other business tools and applications such as emails, faxes. Moreover, VoIP enables call conferencing over the Internet through telephone, making remote working an easy task. In simple words, a VoIP user can attend a call and use other applications simultaneously.

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Also, while working remotely, VoIP proves to be helpful as it allows the user to take the adapter anywhere and carry out calls and meetings remotely. This mobility feature is a blessing for the corporate employees who are always traveling and want to ensure uninterrupted communication with the clients and the other staff members.


The VoIP system can easily combine and synchronize with any of the application necessary for a business. The VoIP phone system’s flexible nature enables the agents and employees to multi-task and achieve specific goals. Also, the companies can adjust the expenditure saved due to the cloud phone system.

With a perfect integration of the VoIP with other applications, agents can transfer documents, carry out meetings and video conferences. Not only this, but VoIP has helped in improving the voice quality and has prevented the disturbances that traditional phone systems usually come with.


Unlike the traditional telephone systems or the desk phones, installing and setting up a VoIP telephone system is comparatively easy. Also, the primary advantage of a VoIP telephone system is its mobility and easy installation. Because of the VoIP, businesses no longer get tangled between the wires while setting up the communication system. This wireless infrastructure eliminates the risk related to fires or short circuits.

The VoIP is comparatively scalable and allows you to add as many connections based on your staff size. Since voice transmission takes place through the Internet and not the additional hardware, it becomes easy to expand or alter the system. This specialty of VoIP makes it a primary choice among businesses running low on IT staff.

VoIP data flows over a single network, which leads to increased manageability and affects the costing. With no wires and the least hardware involved, it becomes easy to manage and maintain the system and ensure smooth functioning.


With the VoIP system, one can efficiently multi-task and carry out a variety of jobs at once. It is all because of the rich features of the VoIP that an agent can strategize a client call or monitor each one of them closely that would lead to enhanced productivity and efficient working.

You can simultaneously make a call and forward multiple messages. You can even forward the received voicemails to multiple receivers at once.

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Other than these, there are a lot of other features of VoIP that ease the job of an agent as these can be subtracted or added based on the need of the business.


There are times when business ventures require traveling to other countries or places. An employee often loses contact with the client, which leads to severe issues. VoIP system has helped the corporate employees to stay in continuous touch with the leads and other staff.

Besides just attending or making calls to the customers, you can even direct it to a specific department located far away from you. This system of seamless communication with the client helps you make sure that no customer goes unattended.

If you are unable to attend the customer call while using the VoIP system, it automatically diverts to the other VoIP enabled device. In simple words, urgent calls will no longer be missed leading to efficient customer handling.


As we already are aware that voice over internet protocol uses internet broadband for the calling process. Unlike the traditional telephone, VoIP transfers the voice data packets over the IP network, which costs comparatively less.

Due to the lack of wires and the least number of hardware involved, the VoIP system saves you a lot of money and requires the least investment to make. The involvement of many lines and their installation process, long-distance calls placed using landlines, are comparatively expensive. But if you use the Internet for the calling process, it circumvents such monetary issues, thus reducing the domestic and long-distance calls inexpensive.

Wrapping Up

Most of us might get confused about whether or not to deploy the VoIP system of calling for business. Going through all the benefits of a VoIP phone system can prove to be of great help. Doing so, you would be able to analyze how your business performance and inventory can get affected.

From cost efficiency to the least hardware involvement, VoIP is a feature-rich system to ensure that you stay in touch with your customers. Not only this, but the VoIP system provides you with excellent voice quality and uninterrupted connectivity even over long distances.

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