Best Wireless headphones under Rs.2000

Best Wireless headphones under Rs.2000


Everyone in their cocoon, comfort space pushes them to enjoy life. In this world, we will have trouble, but we can steal time to relax and rejuvenate. Headphones are our best friends for that time. Wherever you are, just put on your headphones and play your favorite track. This is a fantastic feeling to notice your mood change to better just listening to the music. Why restrict headphones only to music, listen to podcasts, watch movies, and watch many videos. For everything, we need a good headphone with superior sound quality. Today wireless headphones are the best for the sound output. Here we have listed the best wireless headphones under Rs.2000

boAt Rockerz 400

Boat Rockerz 400 is ruling the wireless headphones market, proving to be one of India’s best headphones today. The boat is one of the well-known and dependable companies. Boat Rockerz is packed with amazing features. It is designed in boat- shape with foldable ear caps. It is primarily wireless, but it gives the option of plugging wire too. You can receive the call hands-free and control the volume through the buttons on the headphones. The ear cups are designed for passive noise cancellation, which makes the sound so clear and crisp.

  • Infinity (JBL) Glide 500 

JBL is another well-known brand for earphones, headphones, and other sound system devices. Infinity Glide 500 is one of the masterpieces of JBL to date. The headphones are well padded, and the ear cups are soft, suitable for continued use of headphones. It easily connects with devices. It is enriched by compatibility to connect to Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri. The ear wings can fold the headphones, and it’s easy to carry it. On top of it, it is budget-friendly. 

  • boAt Rockerz 510 

When you are listening to EDM or Metallica, you will never want to miss the beat and the drop. This headphone is featured to control the bass of the music with the bass control button’s option. It can be connected to various devices, smartphones, laptops, tablets, kindle for audiobooks, and iOS devices. The cushioned ear cups are super comfortable, and it adjusts to our ears with time. The stylish design of the earphone is sturdy, and for sure, it will glue your eyes. It is lightweight, and the control buttons are placed on the earpiece of the headphones. Using the buttons, you can increase or decreases the volume, change the song tracks, receive or reject the call. It is unbelievable that you can get boat Rockerz 510 under Rs.2000. Isn’t it?

  • Mi Super Bass Wireless


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This budget-friendly Mi Super Bass is one of the best wireless headphones for battery backup. You can use it for more than 18 hours, and still, the battery won’t drain. It is primarily wireless, but you can also use the headphones with jack cable. It is enriched with built-in voice AI assistance; it gives you an edge to voice control some functions of your phone. You can purchase this amazing wireless headphone from reliable online platforms like Reliance Digital. If you shop now, you can avail incredible discounts in Reliance Digital offers. Make the best use of the ongoing offers.

Leaf Bass Wireless 

If you have yet not heard about Leaf Bass headphones, then you are missing a great product that deserves mention. As the name suggests, it has fantastic bass quality. You can control the music and calls using the control buttons. The design is stylish enough that you will fall in love with it. Design and comfort go hand in hand, and your ears would not pain even after putting on the headphones for long. Once you charge it fully, you need not worry for the next 10 hours.   

  • Boult Audio ProBass Q 

Boult is another great brand for headphones. The bass quality is superior, and we highly recommend this for good movie experience, gaming, and other mediums where a good sound system is a must. It has extended wifi connectivity and compatible with multiple devices. The controlling buttons allow you to control the volume, track change, receive calls, and reject. 

  • Ant Audio Treble 500 

Ant Audio Treble 500 is another headphone gaining praise from the users. It is rich in bass and perfectly delivers the minute details of the music. It has an in-built mic, which is perfect for talking on the go. The battery of the headphone lasts long plays up to 10 hours. The design is unmatchable and comfortable. The faux leather ear cups are very soft, and the form adjusts to your ears with time. If you charge it thoroughly once, you need not worry for the next 10 hours. It is stylish and light in weight. You can connect it to compatible Bluetooth device and use the headphone even when you are around 9 meters away. 

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 Your music listening experience is going to change when you start using good quality headphones. These quality products give out excellent sound outputs and catch minute sound details. Therefore, buy the headphone from the list and enjoy the music and get disconnected from the stressful world. While purchasing the product, you need to know your needs and the device of compatibility. Check its specification, its coverage range, and battery draining time. So, put on your headphone, sit back and relax. 

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