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How to make your life Easier by Controlling all of your smart devices

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All looks for a more realistic and comfortable way of life. Luckily, it gets clearer. For example, a term like “smart home” seemed somewhat unexpected and unattainable five years ago. We saw automatic locks, lighting, voice modulation in films constantly, so we figured it was the future. So now you can use the same stuff for your house.

Installing a smart home system with an integrated security system

The intelligent device that manages various devices in residential premises is a ‘smart house’ in order to avoid myths. It is normally made up of a head control panel and wired computers. The remote control is interconnected with smartphones from where it is possible to monitor and to customize the whole device and each appliance. Smartphones are often associated.

The key goal of the ‘intelligent house’ is to improve living convenience, preserve households and public services, and guarantee health. The program can be programmed to do what you usually do manually by management:

  • lighting
  • locks
  • Thermostats
  • Garage control in addition to cameras.

Ensure that the advantage of having a local company to run the service is listed. Look now at the approaches that benefit from the use of a local company Alamo Smart Home to provide the service.

Why does everything take care of configuration? The machine saves energy when you go back home and switches on, for example, the heating to keep the house warm or, on the other hand, cold with your arrival. This will start the devices which you have a selected-a kettle, a tablet-just a few minutes before you return.

When you come in, switch on the lamps, put on music, and shut off the lamps as you leave the house. The lamps are not on, so you will not switch on the lamps. You won’t open the curtains to wake you up if you want to sleep for longer in the evenings. So if a fire spontaneously occurs or the robbers come into the building, then the incident can be heard,  even if you are on the other side of the Earth.

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Smart lighting

To our view, light in the interior is the fourth dimension. It influences the home’s atmosphere, mood, and spatial perception. New interiors are gradually packed with light sources – in the center of the living room, there have been lonely chandeliers for long.

During various day-to-day situations, designers pay great attention to the development of competent lighting scenarios. We developed the Loox LED lighting system as a new approach to house lighting.

Smart Locks

Today we let more strangers into our house. Basically, this applies to various services – food delivery, dog walking, cleaning. We want to protect ourselves, we want to be able to hide and lock important documents, values ​​, and memorabilia. On the one hand, you can hang a small lock with a small key, which can also be easily lost later or hang many small keys on an already impressive bunch of keys. And you can install an electronic access system and an electronic Dialock lock.

The system is not only ideal for doors which are widely found in hotels worldwide but also for furnishings, for example. Around the same time, the drawer is closed with a tiny electronic keychain in the drawer chest or the cabinet handle. And with very restricted access, things stay safe, and there aren’t many small keys.

Smart Thermostat

When choosing a smart thermostat model for your home, you need to pay attention to several parameters. Design. There are stationary and mobile thermostats. The first is connected directly to the power supply network of the appliance. It is rational to install them on household appliances that cannot be moved from place to place: air conditioners, boiler equipment control units.

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Mobile devices plug into the outlet, acting as an adapter. They are used together with portable devices – fans, heaters, kettles, coffee makers. The convenience of the mobile option is that, if necessary, it can easily be rearranged to another outlet, and connect the desired device to it. Design Stationery and handheld thermostats are available. The first is directly connected to the device’s power supply network.

This is common for them to be mounted on household equipment which can not be transported: air conditioners, boiler control systems. Mobile devices plug in to act as an amplifier into the socket. Along with handheld gadgets-heaters, fans, cups, coffee makers.

Garage control in addition to cameras

A keen eye sees and remembers everything Wireless video surveillance systems at home allow full video monitoring of all rooms, even via the Internet. You will have a video archive for any period. Imagine: you went on a vacation/business trip. At a convenient time, you can browse through the Internet with a password: is everything in order in the house and surroundings right now? And what was an hour ago? And in the morning?

Security Cameras & Smart Home Automation is an all-seeing eye in Smart Home. Without missing a corner of your home, office, warehouse, the wireless video surveillance system can operate 24/7. The device can be configured as standby optionally. Remote video surveillance is completely embedded into the smart house and works smoothly in a security unit.

The Smart House will respond with an alert and inform the operating squad about this incident as soon as an alarm video signal reaches the security network.

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