Offer Your Loved Ones Customized Keepsakes

Offer Your Loved Ones Customized Keepsakes!


Nothing can be unfortunate than losing your loved ones and it is a completely natural response to sob or grief for their forever absence from the rest of your life.

Funeral Keepsakes are common giveaways to thank your guests and also to honor your loved ones. These little funeral souvenirs are nice gestures of gratitude for the support of the friends and family. Funeral keepsakes are a lovely way to remember your deceased loved ones in the heart and mind of everyone who

attended the ceremony.

Funeral favors or keepsakes can be customized according to an individual’s choice or can be personalized in accordance with the deceased’s likes or dislikes.

For example, if your grandma cherished her little garden in the backyard, you can supposingly have rose imprinted keepsakes or lily fragrant souvenirs for her funeral ceremony.

Not only are these charms perfect for the funeral favors but also are super affordable and handy.

Offer Your Loved Ones Customized Keepsakes
Offer Your Loved Ones Customized Keepsakes

Keep the memory of your loved ones alive around you and cherish the graphic artist created funeral program!

Ø Play Their Favourite Songs

Music is a very powerful aid to cherish the memories of your loved ones and relive all the past moments with them. There is no better way to showcase a loved one’s passions at a funeral service than by adding their favorite hobbies and interests by preparing a mixed tape.

Get some lines of their favourite song penned on the funeral keepsakes to be remembered forever.

Ø Funeral Flowers

The person may be long gone but his/her fragrance and aura always remains around us. You can have the funeral keepsakes made entirely through the deceased dearest flowers so that their best-loved fragrances always be with you.

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Ø Create Memory Trees

Memory trees are the great ways for the guest to share the memories with the deceased. Simply place large branches inside a vase and provide your guests with colorful funeral cards as keepsakes and a pen so that they can write down their memories and hand it to the branches. By the end, you will have a lot of impressions relating to your loved one.

Ø Social Media Post

In the era of digitization, everybody possesses a social media presence. Therefore, you can create a unique social media grief post to pay a life tribute and share it only to your close friends and relatives on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc and admire the memories and comments that will generate on your post.

Ø Memorial Jewellery

You can give personalized jewellery like pendants, keychains, rings, locket stones to your guest as a funeral keepsake to remember the deceased. You can also give away customized photo frames

Ø Photo Wreath

You can have a photo wreath made of the best life time picture of the deceased and can display it during the funeral ceremony so that the guests can pay tribute and moan.

Ø Plant A Tree

Planting a tree in honor of the deceased is a beautiful way to commemorate a loved one and create a permanent memorial for friends and family to gather in remembrance.

Families nowadays memorialize their loved one through celebration of life events instead of traditional funeral services. The desire for more personalized, informal gatherings to celebrate their loved one’s life and cherish the moments spent with them. Memorials make great additions to life celebration events and help the family say goodbye to their loved one in a meaningful way. Many guests that attend a funeral service may want to have a keepsake item in memory of their departed friend or relative which can be  memorializing the deceased.

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