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5 Reasons Your Best Inverter Battery is Not Working Efficiently

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Power outages can be annoying. They always occur unexpectedly – before an important video call or right when some guests are about to come over. Long and frequent power outages can even disrupt our daily routine and cause serious hassles. 

This is why, we invest in power backup devices like inverters. These devices can protect us from such hassles and allow us to continue our routine. But inverters cannot do the job alone. They need batteries to operate, and these batteries need maintenance and care to work efficiently.

Here we talk about five things that can reduce the efficiency of your inverter battery and how you can prevent them. 

# 1 Rust 

Rust can cause even the best inverter batteries to become less efficient by reducing their current flow. This can also make your battery less durable and affect your inverter’s backup. So, you must keep your inverter batteries free from rust and corrosion. You can easily do this by pouring a solution of hot water and baking soda on the terminals. Applying petroleum jelly on the terminals is also advisable to prevent any further corrosion. 

# 2 Overloading 

To supply energy at the time of a power outage, the inverter battery utilizes the power stored in it. During a power cut if the inverter battery is overloaded, it would reduce the backup. It is important to disconnect or turn of unnecessary appliances and unplug the devices that are not in use. Moreover, it is advisable to avoid using devices that consume a lot of electricity at the time of a power outage. This will significantly increase the backup duration and let you use your essential appliances for long. Regular overloading can cause a permanent damage to your inverters and batteries. 

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# 3 Not Using Energy Saving Appliances

If you wish to reduce power consumption and allow your battery to work more efficiently, you should try using energy saving devices and appliances. These devices take up much less power than regular devices and allow your battery to work longer. For instance, if you use LED bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs, you can reduce your power consumption by a great deal. This will help your inverter to supply electricity for longer durations at the time of a power outage. 

# 4 Insufficient Water 

Not checking the water level of your battery can severely damage it and impact its efficiency. It is important to keep a check of the water level and track every two months. It is advisable to keep the water level between minimum and maximum water limits. You must always use refined or distilled water in your battery. Tap water contains minerals and contamination and can be harmful for even the best inverter battery. 

# 5 Not Replacing Damaged Batteries 

With time, even the best inverter batteries can lose their efficiency, and this can reduce their backup too. This is when you need to replace them with new ones. Not replacing damaged batteries or combining them with new ones can damage not just the new battery but your inverter too. Moreover, it can be a potential hazard for your home as it can cause explosion. This is why whenever you find your battery  damaged beyond repair, make sure to replace it with a new one. 

These are a few tips you can keep in mind to ensure your inverter battery works efficiently. These tips will help you maintain the best inverter battery and allow optimal performance. Whenever you purchase an inverter battery, you must always to go for reputed brands like Luminous. These brands are known for providing excellent quality products at the best rates. So, visit their website today and get your hands on the best inverter battery for your home.

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