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How to shroud Statistics in Call of Duty Mobile?

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Call of Duty mobile would you like to resemble the top # 1

On the planet and need to put your private profile so they can’t see your own data? Here we will give you bit by bit how you can conceal and conceal your measurements from different players. This has gotten exceptionally famous, since numerous players who are in the best on the planet, have their private profiles.

Step by step instructions to put my private profile on the call of duty mobile

This is done to conceal certain insights, among them is your KD/R, games played, awards, and so on. They do this on the grounds that numerous individuals who cheat, as a rule, spread their insights, some PRO players, generally do as such to look all the more expert even among individuals.

The message that comes to us needing to enter a profile of a player and this is covered up is:

Your shrouded staff has data

Some other information normally shows up as the ID and a player code.

How to hide statistics in call of duty mobile

So as to shroud these measurements and that no one can enter to survey your information in the game. What you ought to do is the accompanying:

  • Enter the call of duty: mobile.
  • Then you must enter your profile.
  • Go to the statistics.
  • Then in the lower left, you must remove the check to allow others to see personal information.
  • You restart the game.
  • Ready
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