Question of how much a wheelchair can cost is still in your mind? Here is the guide to your queries!


Which type of wheelchair would you choose?

Are you looking for a wheelchair for the ones you care about? Are you in the middle of buying or leaving because of the lack of knowledge about the pricing of a wheelchair and the type you should go for? As wheelchairs vary in types so are the prices and before making a decision of buying, it’s important to understand which type costs how much. 

There are basically two of the major types of wheelchairs we can find in the market naming Manual and Electric wheelchair

The manual wheelchairs 

As a matter of fact, the variant you go for plays a major role in pricing. It is going to decide how much you are going to pay for a wheelchair if you go for a particular type. It is based on the features they are offering and the attributes of a particular category. 

If you plan to opt for a manual wheelchair, the expected price in India for the same can range from Rs 5000-8000 depending upon the brand you choose. The purpose of a manual wheelchair is served by self which means you need to move it on your own or by someone else manually without the assistance of electronics. It depends, whether self or companion thrusting. Definitely, the price of a manual wheelchair is based on several factors which make them apart from competitive brands having a little differentiation. Say for listing, the factors are: Material used; Type; Additional attributes offered like (Recliners: This makes a little easier for the consumer to recline their chairs when tired after sitting over it all day long or Sport Wheelchairs: these are designed for the lovers of sports as these can be taken into the courts, tracks and beaches as well.); Accessories included or some extra benefit offered and so on and so forth. 

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You will find a number of options offering major or even slightly different features in the market. It’s best to consult your doctor for choosing the best one for the consumer amongst all so that the features may be beneficial for the person using it. 

The Power wheelchairs aka Electric wheelchairs

When technology comes into count, it is an obvious fact that it will bring in some extra cost or expense into being. Therefore, in simple terms, electric wheelchairs are comparatively higher priced than manual ones. Depending upon the power range, the cost is bifurcated and varies from product to product. The expected price of a power wheelchair in India can range from Rs 10,000-50,000 depending upon the power, features, and brand they offer. These are designed with mid wheels or rear wheels depending upon the model and are mounted with joysticks on the armrest which are handy and controllable. 

People who can go for a little expensive gadget, then they can go for a programmable variant aka power scooter which offers you the adjusting of power, speed, braking, and so on and so forth handled by the user itself. Not only will this add up to the price but a spacious seating area and some extra addons like basket and comfy footrests, etc are value-added. 

This comes to the decision-making area of the user as all the points of differentiation are mentioned and explained. It depends on the recommendation and of the doctors, budget, and the convenience of the user. 


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