Improve Business Efficiency Through a Virtual Assistant

Improve Business Efficiency Through a Virtual Assistant


The Virtual Assistant industry has experienced exponential in the last decade or so. Most people using these assistants today were skeptical about their efficiency in the beginning, but now have realized that they can’t do without these assistants. The best part is that Virtual Assistants are available across varied industrial sectors, which means that you don’t have to think twice before signing up. Of course, the best way to integrate the assistant is to first understand this concept. 

The Virtual Assistant is a real person

Contrary to what most employers and entrepreneurs are likely to think, the Virtual Assistant (VA) isn’t a robot but a real person. Though the person is real, his or her presence is remote and your duties and responsibilities shall be completed by the person from a remote location. Virtual Assistants mostly set themselves up with the necessary infrastructure to work from their homes.

Helping hand

If you are on the lookout for a helping hand for your business, you should certainly be looking for Virtual Assistant Services. This helping hand will not just help you streamline your operations, but keep operating costs under control as well. Hiring an entire team may not be in your budget, and that’s where having a Virtual Assistant really helps. He or she will help you complete vital tasks and make critical decisions by virtue of experience.   

Types of jobs done by a Virtual Assistant

It is important for entrepreneurs to be able to spend time on growing the business instead of being in the business. To remain systematic and dynamic, you need to engage with Virtual Assistant services. Depending on the type of business, you can choose from different types of Virtual Assistants:

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  • Social Media Marketing- One of the best ways to advertise your business online is to make use of a social media expert. Maintaining pages on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and other special media platforms is certainly a full time job, and you clearly do not have enough time for this work.   


  • Virtual bookkeepers- Managing the payroll of your company will no longer be stressful once you hire an experienced VA
  • Real Estate- By doing administrative and sales support jobs, VA’s can be part of your organization. Database management, lead generation, prospecting, and lead generation are some of the tasks they will be able to help you with. Hiring a highly skilled and qualified VA is the way to give a shot in the arm to your real estate business in a cost-effective manner. This will leave you free to sell more properties and expand your business. 
  • Virtual Assistant writers- They can be hired to complete various writing jobs of your business. Such writers could be really helpful for a new law firm. 
  • Virtual Research assistant- Research work is important from the marketing point of view, which is why marketing firms could really benefit with a suitably experienced VA
  • eCommerce VA- Due to the proliferate growth of eCommerce, there is increasing amount of pressure on companies to outdo their competitors. The following tasks can be completed by an eCommerce VA:  
  • Daily inventory management
  • Data entries of eCommerc products
  • Conducting competitor analysis
  • Seamless handling of transactions
  • Manage phone volumes through LiveChats
  • Writing responses to customer emails
  • Writing descriptions of products in an SEO-friendly manner
  • Management of product categories
  • Handling products as per the returns policy
  • Website design assistants– Hire someone who can design and manage your company website for you. Such a VA would be able to assist at every level of the website designing process, so that you can focus on the availability of the latest products and services for smooth operation of your business. 
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There are a few VA’s who can complete tasks in more than one discipline, although most of them are restricted to a single domain. It is most helpful to choose a VA from the same

What does a Virtual Assistant not do?

Although a VA does have a massive appetite for coordination work, there still are some areas he or she doesn’t quite fit into. The good thing here is that you will never need to worry about his or her attitude while assigning a relevant type of work. Here’s what you’ll never find the VA do:

Asking for a larger office or desk– The VA will never be sharing your workspace, which means that you never have to worry about putting money towards buying a new office. He or she will always be in a place away from you.

Create unnecessary drama– With a VA, you will not have to worry about drama that is normally created by regular employees. You will never have to worry about massaging egos or about gossip.   

Rolling eyes at you- This will never happen in any form of communication with the VA

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