Answers to 6 FAQs About Drug Rehab Treatment Centers


There are more people battling drug abuse problems than many of us are aware of. This simply means that there is a greater need for rehab centers that have the experience and expertise to help drug addicts. 

To understand how critical the situation is, you should know that a study was conducted a few years ago. Surprisingly and sadly, this study revealed that well over a third of our adult population has drug abuse problems. For more information on this study, you can click here.

In other words, if you are having drug abuse issues or have someone who is, you are not alone. This is even if it is alcohol. However, help must be sought, and this is where a specialist rehab treatment center comes in.

Some people that can benefit from the services of these centers have questions that they need answers to. We have gathered some of these questions and provided answers to them here, so you would do well to read and get answers to questions about these facilities.

What Are the Main Goals of Drug Rehab Treatment Centers?

The health service that they provide is geared toward ensuring clients/patients of theirs become sober. The general goal is to ensure these clients/patients end up living a healthier and happier life. This is especially important as people that are addicted to hard drugs and alcohol are more likely to have mental and physical health issues. So, this is one of the reasons an addict’s recovery process needs to be overseen by health experts that are trained and experienced.


What Should Drug Addicts and/or their Families Expect in these Treatment Centers?

There are general approaches used in treating addicts in these facilities. However, the right rehab center also needs to have an individualistic approach as cases have their peculiarities. For instance, it is more than just getting off the drug(s) for some addicts. This is considering how they might be suffering mental complications because of years of dependence on controlled substances.

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The degree of withdrawal symptoms that would be experienced is another thing that makes cases unique. For this reason, drug addicts and/or their families should bear in mind that the peculiarity of the patient’s case determines how the patient will be treated. Some of the general plans are centered on activities such as detoxification procedures, administration of clinical therapy sessions, offering relapse prevention information, and aftercare plan development in line with the patient’s peculiarities.

Do The Addicts have to Receive Treatment in a Distant Location?

There is no outright rule that says drug addicts need to use rehab centers that are far away. They could use centers that are close by and effective and get the desired results. However, many addicts would be better off getting treated in an environment that is far away. This is for several reasons. One of them is not being close to an environment where the addiction problem can happen again. This helps a lot in being sober and maintaining a healthier and happier life.

This is also one of the reasons some leading drug rehab service providers have centers in several parts of the country and the world at large. You can see any of the Sunshine Behavioral Health Addiction Treatment Centers for more on this subject.

How Long Would a Patient Receive Treatment in a Drug Rehab Treatment Center?

A lot of factors are responsible for how long patients are to stay in these facilities. Some of these factors include their addiction type, how severe their addiction is, addiction history, how long they have been hooked on to the substance(s), the treatment plan opted for, and the patient’s progress level.

Patients differ from each other when these factors are taken into consideration. This is why the time patients spend receiving treatment from these centers differs. Be that as it may, notable changes can be seen between 30 and 100 days, especially by people that take advantage of the inpatient treatment option. This is considering how they can be properly monitored and assessed.

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Being in the treatment environment will ensure that certain measures are taken and taken on time. This is to ensure the patient is in a good state and shape eventually. This includes ensuring the right meals are taken and tips are shared from time to time.

Does Using the Services of Drug Rehab Treatment Centers Cure Addicts?

Drug addicts are advised to take a huge step in the right direction by getting treated in a good drug rehab treatment center. This is because doing this increases their chances of overcoming the addiction to a great extent. However, the truth is that being treated even in a good center does not cure the patient of the addiction problem. What getting treatment in these centers will do is:

  • Help addicts see the need to quit using hard drugs they are addicted to
  • Ensure that withdrawal symptoms are well managed
  • Make sure patients are thinking right as mental conditions can be caused by overdependence on these hard drugs

These are just some of the basic things that these treatment health service providers offer addicts. It is also why they are better off getting treatment in these facilities.

What Should Be Done If/When a Patient Relapses?

One of the major things that the drug rehab treatment service provider does for their patient is to ensure that they do not relapse. This includes managing withdrawal symptoms in the best way possible and sharing tips for relapse prevention. To know some of the tips for relapse prevention you can visit:

Relapse is still a possibility despite all these regardless of how slim the chances of this happening are. What you should also know is that an effective treatment center has measures in place to ensure their patients who relapse do not continue to do so. However, there is a need for transparency on the part of the patient. This is so that the right measures will be taken.


Answers to some six common frequently asked questions about drug rehab treatment centers have been given here in this article. Now that you are more aware of what these health service providers offer drug addicts, they should be a huge part of an addict’s journey to recovery.

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