KN95 Masks

Are KN95 Masks As Strong As N95 Masks Under All Circumstances?


There is conflicting information over how protective KN95 Masks and N95 respirators are.

Here we break down the benefits that each mask provides and when it is most appropriate to use each kind. We defend the research suggesting that KN95s are not as strong as N95 masks in every circumstance. To consider our standing, read on. 

Everyday vs. High-Risk Environments 

A report has found that KN95 face masks are not as helpful as previously thought. These findings speak from the context of high-risk environments instead of everyday places. KN95 masks effectively protect against the virus in areas that are not high-risk. KN95 masks from China are below US standards compared to N95 masks. This was true for a maximum of 70% of the KN95 imported masks. Officials mentioned that people have a common misunderstanding about the benefits that both types provide. Medical staff use KN95 masks, which ineffectively filter particles. 

When to Use What 

Researchers tested approximately 200 masks across 15 manufacturers. They determined that between 60% to 70% of the KN95 masks imported filters less than 95% of particulates. Given the high volume at which these masks were being purchased for medical purposes, the researchers were adamant about raising awareness of this public health problem. Due to widespread shortages, masks from China are used out of desperation. Unfortunately, these masks do not hold up to the N95 respirators. Ideally, imported masks should only be used during crises when N95 respirators are unavailable. You can buy online KN95 masks for sale from Source Ortho.

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KN95s and Masks for Sale 

While KN95 masks are not the best choice for protection, they meet the FDA’s list of requirements for offering public protection. KN95 masks are still effective for non-healthcare tasks. When surgical and procedure masks are limited, KN95s can be a substitute, but this is not to say they are as effective. Mask quality has been questioned consistently by the FDA. Counterfeit masks coming in from overseas are interrupting safety, but not all masks coming in are unacceptable. Currently, researchers are looking into the safety level of face masks made in Korea, specifically the kf95s. Until results surface, health officials urge people to check the certification of masks they purchase to ensure adequate safety. To find a KN95 mask for sale, check out online certified retailers like Source Ortho. 

Respirators at Work

When it comes to high-risk environments, N95 respirators are the ideal choice as they filter out nearly 95% of particles in the air. These masks should be reserved for health care workers and sick patients. Many construction workers use N95 respirators to stay safe during high-risk work environments where chemicals and other environmental hazards exist as well, and this is not discouraged. 

Are N95s better across the board? From a utilitarian standpoint, the answer is no. Those most affected and the afflicted deserve the best protection. As for everyday use, KN95s do just fine to preserve public safety, but they are not as effective as N95 masks against slowing the spread.

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