Accelerated BSN

What is an Accelerated BSN?


If you enjoy helping others, then you might gravitate toward a career in a helping profession. A registered nurse (RN) is one example. To receive a nursing degree to fulfill your career dream, you can do so in less time by enrolling in an accelerated BSN (Bachelor of Nursing) program. Here is what you need to know about this university program.

Accelerated BSN versus Other Nursing Degrees

It is important to first differentiate between how accelerated BSN nursing programs differ from other degrees in nursing. At its most basic level, the accelerated program is a fast-track option to becoming an RN. Upon program completion, you have a bachelor’s degree that enables you to take the NCLEX exam to officially become a registered nurse.

It differs from an RN to BSN program, which is designed for nurses who already have their license and are looking to further their education, likely to reach a higher job level. The accelerated BSN program is a pre-licensure program that does not require its students to already be practicing nurses. It is the first step into the nursing field, whether it is your first career or one that you are switching to later in life. 

What does Accelerated Mean?

The word “accelerated” means that the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is faster than the traditional option. For students who want to achieve their BSN in less time, then it is a great choice.

For example, the accelerated BSN nursing programs you can take at Baylor University provide 62 hours of nursing coursework that sets the graduate up to become a nurse in less than a year. This is significantly less time than a typical BSN program that takes about four years to complete.

The admissions requirements vary by school. At Baylor University, enrollees must have a bachelor’s degree, which can be in any non-nursing area. Other common school requirements include a certain GPA, completed pre-req credits, and having passed the HESI Exam.

It is important for students to know that the fast-track option requires students to have self-discipline and high motivation. The intensive program gets you to graduation sooner and is well worth the hard work as you achieve your dream career.

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Top Benefits of an Accelerated BSN 

For those who want to reach their goal sooner than four years, the accelerated choice is likely the ideal one. It enables you to get into the nursing field in under a year so that you can begin the path that you want for your career.

If you are enthusiastic about helping others, then providing quality medical care is a great way to do so. For those who do not want to wait to carry out their passion and make a positive difference in the lives of others, then the short time frame of accelerated Bachelor of Nursing programs means a lot.

Furthermore, a Bachelor of Science Nursing degree will likely open other opportunities down the road for you career-wise. You will graduate with the qualifications to become a registered nurse for organizations that have stricter requirements than other places; some hospitals specifically ask that RNs have a BSN background.

Finally, an ABSN curriculum covers many different leadership and skills areas, which makes for a high-qualified graduate by the end of the program. You can expect to learn about nursing theory, values, patient needs across levels of care, and other advanced subjects. 

Not only that, but if you decide to pursue a more advanced position later in your career, you may find that they require a BSN. If you do not have that already, then going back to school will be something you have to consider. If you have a lot more responsibilities at that point, taking this next step can be difficult. Instead, it likely makes more sense to take accelerated BSN nursing programs now and then begin your career track.

Online or On-Campus: Which ABSN program is Best?

If you have multiple responsibilities outside of school, then the online format can be easier than a fully on-campus program experience. For students who have kids, want to keep working while attending school, or have other things on their plate, virtual learning is easy to fit in when you have time in your schedule.

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While you will have to get assignments and tests done by the date assigned by the professor, you can decide when to study and write papers, balancing schoolwork around your busy day.

The typical ABSN program will require clinicals in the field in addition to online studies. The reason is that clinicals provide you with experience so that you can provide medical care safely after graduation. Choosing a school that provides you with the clinical placements can take a lot of stress off your shoulders and make for a well-rounded experience. During the year in school, you can look forward to gaining the skills and confidence to become an RN.

Advancing Your Career

When you know what you want to do for a profession, there is likely little that can stop you. Taking the fast track with accelerated BSN nursing programs positions you to become a nurse in under a year and provides you with the skills to do the job confidently. 

The clinical placements and online learning together provide a balanced approach that fits even the busiest schedules. Turning your dream into a career starts now as you gather the prerequisites to enter an ABSN program. Over the coming years, you will build your expertise. 

You might pursue a specialty later or continue to be an RN who provides bedside care to patients from all walks of life. The people you help will remember you for many years to come, and they will be thankful that you became a registered nurse. 

Starting your education today involves finding out when the program is accepting new students and what are the admission requirements. Set yourself up for success by ensuring you have everything necessary to enroll and feel good about your decision to help those who need medical care.

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