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How to Setup Fattmerchant in Viaggio POS Software


Fattmerchant POS software is one of the best credit card processors with transparent billing. With its high capacity on the monthly dollar value processed, it is recommended for merchants with a high volume of transactions.

It is compatible with the vagaro fattmerchant POS software, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues during the switch. 

We will provide you with reasons why you should choose fattmerchant POS software and steps to set it up with your vagaro POS software. Keep reading this article.

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What Advantages Do Credit Card Processor Merchants Offer Me?

For a business with a high volume of sales and payments, credit card processors help speed up the process. With a good credit card processing company, you can process many card payments and even noncard payments at enviable speed and little cost.

How Can I Choose a Credit Card Processing Company For My Business?

When it comes to selecting a credit card processing company, you must choose one that suits your needs. That the company is great for one business does not mean it will be great for your business. Let’s look at some things you must consider while picking out a credit card processing company. 

1. Your Business Type

To help you select the best credit card processor, you should consider the type of business you run. Your credit card processor needs may differ based on the kind of store you run (onsite or eCommerce). 

If most of your sale is made in person, you will require a card reader, dedicated peripherals, or even smartphone peripherals to process credit and debit card payments. If your business is an e-commerce model with most of your customers making payments online, you’ll need to make sure the card processor you choose has all the necessary features. It should have a payment gateway, online shopping support, and excellent data security.

2. Sales Volume

You will need to select a card processor optimized for your sales volume. First, you must determine if your business has a high sales volume or low volume. Most companies have an economic scale that provides high sales volume merchants with excellent rates.

3.Risk Type

Another critical point to remember when choosing a credit card processing company is its support for your business based on risk. Some credit card processors are incompatible with companies dubbed as high risk. Thus, if your setup is a high risk one, you will need to narrow your search and choices to credit card processing companies that support it.

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