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PDF Guide: How to Merge, Repair and Delete PDF Pages With GogoPDF

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Among the best tools that people use to manage their PDFs is GogoPDF. This online service can merge, repair, and delete particular pages of a PDF file. If you are interested in using these tools, we will happily provide you the procedures. With that, here’s how you can merge, repair, and delete some pages of your PDFs.

PDF Merge

Squeezing numerous PDFs into one PDF file is possible with this function of GogoPDF. So having unorganized files is not a big of a problem. If unused files are scattered all over your computer, merge them into a single document, and your problem is solved. Combining all your files into one will also give more room to more, lessen your storage space, and not decelerate the operating system. 

With the PDF merge tool, you will experience a quick and straightforward process. It will accurately merge all the files along with the layouts and structures of the original files,  and choosing the arrangement of the pages is also possible. It is guaranteed that the merging of PDFs is 100% high-quality. It won’t even make you wait for too long to have the merged files. With that, here’s how to merge PDF files in a few clicks:

  1. Pick the PDF files you want to squeeze in a PDFs document, drag and drop them into the box.
  2. GogoPDF’s merge tool will start the merging procedure.
  3. Wait while the merging of files is processing. It only takes a minute or two.
  4. After that, the download button will show up, and it’s now ready to save.
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PDF Repair

Unfortunately, we sometimes encounter corrupted PDF files, a virus may have attacked it, power outages may have caused it to crash, or it is not just compatible with your device. Situations like this can be frustrating, but you don’t have to worry about it too much. You can always have a tool that can help you recuperate your files quickly, and that’s the repair PDFs tool of GogoPDF.

It will effectively restore all your broken or corrupted files in a fast and convenient manner. The tool will then extract data from the damaged PDFs and correct the condition to make it a workable PDF. The repair tool only takes a few minutes to get it fixed. So, here are the easy steps to repair your PDFs file:

  1. Get the PDF file that needs repair and upload to the site.
  2. The tool will start the repairing of the file.
  3. Wait while the repair process is going on.
  4. Download the newly fixed PDF file to your computer or device.

Delete Pages

Deleting unnecessary files should be a habit for anyone because it might help them in the future. If everything is overwhelming, try doing things step by step. The first step should be visiting the website of GogoPDF, which will come in handy. This online function can remove one or multiple PDF pages from a PDF file in a few clicks. In addition to that, you will not need to install or download anything.

Remove some pages of your PDF file with this online-based tool to avoid any stress in doing the process. Choose the document from any of your gadgets and upload it. After that, select the pages that you wish to remove. When you are done, start using the file. Below are the steps to make things clear for you:

  1. Upload the PDF file with those pages you wish to remove. Search for that file from your desktop and bring it to the toolbox.
  2. After uploading, choose the pages you need to delete.
  3. Apply the changes you made.
  4. Download the newly edited file or share it somewhere.
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Handling PDF files for school or work is stressful, especially if you don’t know what tools to use in merging, repairing, or deleting their PDF pages. With this guide, those processes can be done in seconds if you start using these tools.

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