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How To Setup Fattmerchant In Vagaro POS Software


Fattmerchant POS software is one of the best credit card processors with transparent billing. With its high capacity on the monthly dollar value processed, it is recommended for merchants with a high volume of transactions. It is compatible with the vagaro POS software, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues during the switch. 

We will provide you with reasons why you should choose Fattmerchant and steps to set it up with your vagaro POS software. Keep reading this article.

What Advantages Do Credit Card Processor Merchants Offer Me?

For a business with a high volume of sales and payments, credit card processors help speed up the process. With a good credit card processing company, you can process many card payments and even noncard payments at enviable speed and little cost.

How Can I Choose a Credit Card Processing Company For My Business?

When it comes to selecting a credit card processing company, you must choose one that suits your needs. That the company is great for one business does not mean it will be great for your business. Let’s look at some things you must consider while picking out a credit card processing company. 

1. Your Business Type

To help you select the best credit card processor, you should consider the type of business you run. Your credit card processor needs may differ based on the kind of store you run (onsite or eCommerce). 

If most of your sale is made in person, you will require a card reader, dedicated peripherals, or even smartphone peripherals to process credit and debit card payments. If your business is an e-commerce model with most of your customers making payments online, you’ll need to make sure the card processor you choose has all the necessary features. It should have a payment gateway, online shopping support, and excellent data security.

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2. Sales Volume

You will need to select a card processor optimized for your sales volume. First, you must determine if your business has a high sales volume or low volume. Most companies have an economic scale that provides high sales volume merchants with excellent rates.

3. Risk Type

Another critical point to remember when choosing a credit card processing company is its support for your business based on risk. Some credit card processors are incompatible with companies dubbed as high risk. Thus, if your setup is a high risk one, you will need to narrow your search and choices to credit card processing companies that support it.

What are the Rules for Picking the Best Credit Card Processor?

Now that you’ve whittled down your options for a credit card processor, it is time to implement our four rules. We have listed these four tips below.

  • Make Sure the Credit Card Company Is Transparent

The chosen company must offer you transparency in terms of billing. We advise that you avoid credit card processing companies with hidden fees and surprises at all costs. To achieve this, you need to look out for providers that offer pricing with the differentiated wholesale and markup price.

  • Ensure it is One With No Pressure

Some credit card processing companies employ high-pressure sales tactics to get you to patronize them. Such companies often persuade you to sign a long-term commitment offer that opens you up to penalties. This is why we recommend you stick to companies with honest sales reps and no high-pressure tactics.

  • Select One that Offers Premium Value

You must determine the value of a credit card merchant account for your business needs. For this, you should remember that cheap is not always valuable and the most expensive option may not be what you need. Some credit card processing companies give you basic service at fair prices while others charge more but pack extra functionality. 

  • Company Reviews

It is always smart to carry out your research on the companies merchant account services. Your research should cover reviews by customers. Avoid merchant services that have a lot of negative comments or a terrible reputation.

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Why Choose Fattmerchant Credit Card Processor?

Fattmerchant is an excellent choice for many businesses. Whether your business is an eCommerce model or handle many card-not-present transactions, Fattmerchant remains reliable and affordable. For these kinds of accounts, Fattmerchant does not charge exorbitant markups. Let’s consider other reasons why you should pick Fattmerchant for your point of sale software.

  • It features a transparent pricing system with wholesale and markup costs separated. 
  • It also adds value to your account by providing you with customer management features, high-quality invoicing and billing tools, a virtual terminal, and careful inventory management.
  • Fattmerchant offers your business zero markup cost. With the lack of markup costs, you can get more value for your membership fee.
  • It is compatible with a high-volume merchant account. If your business is one that features a high sales volume, Fattmerchant is perfect for you. They offer you a higher capacity on your monthly dollar transactions.
  • Fattmerchant offers an Omni integrated payment processing platform for your needs.
  • You are billed monthly without the added pressure of long term commitment. This way, you can terminate the service without fear of heavy penalties.

 How Can I Set Up Fattmerchant On My Viaggo Point of Sale Software?

Once you have selected the Fattmerchant credit card processor, an account manager will be assigned to you. This account manager is responsible for interacting with your POS provider to set up your account. All you need do is provide him/her with the contact details of your vagaro POS provider. After this, the following steps can commence.

  • Your Fattmerchant assigned account manager will initiate contact with the POS provider. You must monitor your communications with them.
  • You will be required to provide authorization for vagaro POS software providers to make the switch to the Fattmerchant credit card processor. Without your permission, the setup of Fattmerchant cannot proceed.
  • The next step is scheduling a convenient time for the setup. You must plan the installation to take place after business hours. If your point of sale company is unable to get in touch with you for authorization and schedule the switch, then Fattmerchant will not be able to integrate into your point of sale. 


Fattmerchant is one of the great credit card processors suited for many business types. It offers you great functionality at a fair price. Integrating Fattmerchant with your Viaggo point of sale software is easy. Follow our article to set up your Fattmerchant account today.


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