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What skills do you need to work as a Data Scientist?


The steep learning curve that the field of data science is going through has led data scientists’ master crucial abilities, which can change the face of technology forever!

This not just includes statistical computations and programming languages, as well as strong interpersonal and communication skills.

So, what do you need to thrive in this modern era of Data Science?

A combination of a good educational foundation, coupled with the right technical and behavioural skills!

This article will let you know of certain skills that only data science courses in Singapore can provide you.

It is designed to make you a competent data scientist who can effectively communicate and convey complex statistical insights to the general audience.

Let us look at the top data science skills that potentials employers hunt for in their future employees!

R programming

This integrated suite of software facilities is used for calculation, data manipulation, and graphical display.

In academic contexts, R is more prevalent compared to any other language.

Python programming

This is an adaptable programming language that can handle everything from website construction and data mining to running embedded systems.

Hadoop platform

This open-source software collection of utilities allows data scientists to use simple programming models for processing large datasets.

SQL databases

This domain-specific programming language stores and provides access to a relational database management system.

Data visualization

This is a blend of technical analysis and visual storytelling that represents data graphically using visual elements (graphics, maps, charts, and infographics).

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Machine learning and AI

This allows automation of significant parts of a data scientist’s job, by analysing large chunks of data-driven models (removing redundancies by cleaning data) and data using algorithms.

Business strategy

Data scientists need a strong foundation for business strategy to understand business problems better, as well as to conduct their analyses.


Statistical computations cannot be applied if they cannot be understood by other team members.

This makes storytelling skills so crucial when it comes to data visualisation.


Effective communication skills, whether in the form of writing or verbal, are vital in most data scientist roles.


As a data scientist, you are expected to collaborate with other departments in the organisation as well.

This is to gather their feedback and understand their requirements to find solutions.


Data science frameworks and technologies evolve so fast that it can be overwhelming to try to master any single aspect of it.

Having a consistent learning regime can help you become aware of all the current trends. 

These are the top requirements to become a data scientist.

Apply to a data science programme in Singapore to make actionable recommendations to potential stakeholders.

Once you are sure that a career in data science the right for you, it is time that you undergo comprehensive training to learn about machine learning, data wrangling, and Python — all that is needed to finish portfolio-worthy projects.

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