EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review


Nowadays, we are more likely to welcome soft copies over the hard copies. The reason behind it is the papers representing the legal document are more prone to damage or being lost. Data stored in the pen drives or PCs are more secure than the ones stored in physical files. Also, there are certain documents which we can keep password-protected for advanced security; however, this option is not valid when it comes to hard copies of the same document. Soft copy is always an advantage over the hardcopy in terms of security and accessibility, which makes it more preferred. However, there are certain shortcomings associated with the soft copy data too.

What are these shortcomings? 

At times your PC, hard disk or pen drive could show errors or lags. Due to these lags, there are fair chances of your stored data being lost or corrupted. If this problem happens, you might even lose the file, which was extremely important to you. 

Is there any solution to this problem? 

One of the most desirable solutions that you can avail for getting back or recover the lost file is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Either it is your laptop, desktop, or any other windows compatible device, EaseUS assures absolute recovery of it that too with real quickness. This software truly serves as magic for bestowing or saving the important documents from getting lost completely. The various data loss scenarios such as the formatting, deletion, RAW, etc. can be dealt with by EaseUS with an extremely high success rate. 

This software is effective in restoring any form of data, i.e. images, videos, document, etc. from any kind of loss scenarios. Hence, it serves as a precious solution for taking away all your troubles about the data loss and provide you with absolute ease to recover them all. 

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Elements of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Relying on EaseUS File recovery software for getting back your important data could be the best choice that you could make. Given below are some elements of this wonderful software: 

  1. One of the most common culprits which cause data loss from the system is tapping the shift + delete button or clearing the recycle bin. EaseUS data recovery software could help in this context by recovering the files which are even deleted. The EaseUS recovery solution is also valid when it comes to partition recovery. Partition recovery is something which helps to get the partitions or sections which might get lost, deleted, RAW or have turned inaccessible. 

2. Formatting is something which takes away the data from your system irrespective of the fact that it was done intentionally or unintentionally. The solutions provided by EaseUS has also proven to help in recovering the files which have been formatted. It helps to recover the data from a formatted partition, memory card, pen drive, hard disc, USB and any other storage device. In case the external storage device is corrupted or damaged, and the files in it have turned inaccessible, EaseUS is an excellent source to retrieve those files which are appearing to be dead. 

Services provided by the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

The EaseUS data recovery wizard offers extremely useful services to make the recovery task easier and support the system. Following are some of the details of its effective and beneficial services. 

1. A feature called Import/Export Sessions comes into play in the recovering process. This offers an individual to customise the recovery schedule for themselves at any time. It allows the user to initiate, pause or resume the recovery process whenever they want. 

2. If you are looking for locating the desired file, then you can make use of the Tags feature of this software. This feature allows you to group the desired file, photo, video, audio or any other document. After grouping, you can proceed towards a smooth and quick recovery. 

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3. EaseUS consists of exceptionally brilliant scanning options. It basically features 2 modes of scanning, I.e. Quick Scan and Deep Scan. The quick scan takes a shorter time, whereas the deep scan takes a bit longer to browse and find the deepest hidden or buried file. 

4. One of the striking features of EaseUS data recovery wizard is that it allows you to recover a particular file while the scan is on. Unlike other software, you do not have to wait until the scanning process gets completed for recovering. Rather, when the file shows up during scanning, you can simultaneously recover the file. 

5. The filter is another useful option provided by EaseUS. This feature essentially allows you to get access to a file which is hidden somewhere and takes a lot of time to show up. You can use the filter to find that specific file out of the millions in your device and get fast access to it. 

6. A preview option is also provided by EaseUS solution. With the help of the preview feature, you would be able to check whether the recovered file is intact or not. Be it either word file, PowerPoint, video, audio, image or any type of text file; this option helps you to get sure of the proper recovery. 


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a kind of all in one solution to all the data loss scenarios. It can repair, retrieve as well as recover more than 1000 types of data files. Be it emergency recovery or partition recovery, EaseUS offers a solution to recover all most anything with great efficiency. You would find your file totally intact, accessible, and the same as it was originally saved in your system. Documents, graphics, video, audio, Email and so on, recover almost anything only with the amazing EaseUS software. Also, the packages of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard are cost-effective. So, what is making you wait? What more you are looking for? Try it today to explore more about its fabulous services and packages.

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