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How Can Small Local Businesses in Perth Compete with the Big Companies 

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Perth is one of the fastest developing economic zones, with a GRP of about $41 billion. It is the fourth most popular city in Australia, giving equal opportunities to large and small businesses, which makes digital marketing a must in their business plans.

Let’s say you own a small venture of earth-friendly home and gardening products near Victoria Park. And there is a more prominent brand in the same neighbourhood, doing the same business as yours. Can you compete with such big competitors in Perth, who boast a more extensive online footprint? 

Yes, it is possible with a robust SEO strategy. The reputed SEO companies in Perth offer excellent strategies for bolstering your small business’s online presence and sales. So now, how can your small business compete with the city’s biggies, using dynamic SEO strategies?

Specialising in a Niche

On a local scale, it might not be economical to dominate multiple niches on Google. Instead, identify one niche that you are sure to excel and beat your competitors. 

For instance, you are in the construction business, which already includes nearly 40,000 small businesses across WA. You could focus on construction clean-up, which is a fast-growing local business opportunity in Perth.

As part of SEO, you can focus on a smaller set of selected keywords related to your niche and gain a reputation for a specific product. 

Focusing on Long-tail Keywords

Over 85% of Perthites start shopping with online searches for products and services. Shoppers tend to search for precise terms related to their requirements, with 50% of their queries having four or more words.

For example, each year, Perth receives over 2 million tourists. It is inevitable the visitors will search for the best eat outs in the city. If you own a restaurant near Kings Park, focusing on long-tail keywords like “best Australian cuisine restaurants near Kings Park” can get you a great business. The more prominent hotels will not concentrate on such highly-targeted keywords, thus reducing your competition.

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The SEO agencies understand the local searches, thus helping you market your niche offerings to potential customers.

Leveraging Local Dominance

You have a small local shop in Downtown Perth that sells handcrafted soaps of wonderful local flavours. Now, there are over 10 Australian made soap brands across the country. And so are their staff, marketing, and budget. 

The SEO companies in Perth make optimal use of your location, as search engines prefer local businesses.

Influencing Local Engagement

The city hosts plenty of events for small companies, such as the digital marketing workshop for small businesses at Leederville.

Large corporations do not invest time and money in such events because of their size.

You could host them to help you with external link building. You can then work on online press releases. Since it will be a local event, local keyword searches will lead to your company, increasing your online footprint.

Tapping the Benefits of Social Media

Over 65% of Perthites read online reviews on social media platforms, while close to 40% post their comments.

Having the right social media presence bolsters your SEO strategy. You can provide more localised information on these platforms, thus giving you an extra edge over biggies.

This SEO strategy ties niche and location-based keywords to your company, thus ranking it on the first search page.

Utilising the Latest Trend of Rising Mobile Searches

Over 60% of West Australians own high-end iPads/tablets, while 85% possess smartphones. Nearly 90% of Perthites, once satisfied with the brand experience on a mobile device, recommend the brand to others.

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SEO agencies work on optimising your website with localised information, making it mobile-friendly so that online searches will bring clients to your website, rather than big companies. 

Helping to Achieve Excellent Return on Investment

Perth has some of the busiest highways like Canning Highway, and billboards have been a popular advertising tool on such roadways. 

Billboards might suit the more prominent firms, as they can bear the costs. However, on a local scale, having your advertisements on them is not a sensible investment, as they can cost you $1,000 per month.

With SEO companies in Perth, you will reach your local clients when they need you desperately, helping you achieve higher returns on investment.

Summing Up

By 2031, most Perthites will prefer online shopping, and as small businesses, you will have to compete with big companies with a more significant online presence. Google maps will play a key role in Perth online shopping front, with over 30% of clicks on Google search already being map results. 

Hire an experienced SEO agency in Perth to discuss your small business requirements, target location, and demography. It will ensure you have a bolstering online footprint, establishing your name in the local market, amid big competitors.

Author Bio: Hannah Gilbert is a freelance writer who offers to ghostwrite, copywriting, and blogging services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.

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