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6 Tips to Boost Your Business with Effective Content Marketing Strategy

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In a recent study, it was revealed that companies that prioritized content marketing increased their website conversion rates by more than 5 times than those who did not. But unfortunately, around 63% of businesses don’t have a properly documented assignment content marketing strategy.

If you also don’t have a proper strategy for your company’s content marketing efforts, you may find it difficult to see the desired results. The good thing is you can catch up with the best players in the market if you use certain tricks to create an effective content marketing strategy for your assignment help business.

1. Identify your goals:

Before you start working on the content marketing strategy, you need to take a look at your company vision, the brand story, and where does your company stand on today’s major issues. You need to have clarity about your own set of goals. Just because your competitor is doing something, you don’t necessarily have to do the same.

There’s a simpler way to identify your goals. Just sit with the other people in the team and brainstorm to find out why do you want to produce content. It can be for a lot of reasons, including:

  • Growth in web traffic
  • Customer acquisition
  • Lead generation
  • Social media engagement
  • Reduce the overall marketing cost

Once you have clarity of your goals, you can determine what is better for your strategy.

2. Set your key performance indicators:

In order to achieve your goals, you need to make them specific and measurable. Establishing the key performance indicators (KPIs) for your content marketing strategy is one of the effective ways to ensure that. But first, you need to understand what KPI is.

KPIs are basically milestones along the way of your goals. They help you measure how successful have you been in achieving your goals. You can set your KPIs in terms of sales, traffic, SEO, revenue or different aspects of digital marketing.

Here are some examples of KPIs that most businesses adopt while creating their content marketing strategy:

  • Reach a certain sales target within a month, quarter or year.
  • Get a certain number of new email subscribers
  • Get more number of signups
  • Receive more site traffic from your key pages
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You can set your own KPIs besides the ones mentioned above. Not to forget, you need to keep track of your marketing expenditure as well.

3. Know your audience:

You have your goals and KPIs in place. Now, it’s time for you to know your audience in order to create the right content for them. There are a number of things you need to do to properly know your target audience.

i. Gather demographic data:

Use various analytics to college demographics of your visitors. You should use webs analytics, email subscriber analytics and social media analytics to gather audience data like their age, gender, income, education and much more.

ii. Get customer feedback:

Try collecting feedback from your existing customers. It will help you to understand how they feel about the content you are producing, what they need the most, and how you can address their problems with your content. This will further help you develop buyer personas.

iii. Developing buyer personas:

A buyer persona is the ideal audience or customers of a particular business. The demographic data and customer feedback are quite useful in developing the buyer persona for your business. The buyer persona gives you a better insight into the customers’ pain points, the challenges they face, and what motivates their behavior.

Having access to such data helps create a more impactful content marketing strategy.

4. Determine the best content channels:

With all the information you have gathered so far, you will be able to create effective content for your target audience. But then, you need to identify where most of your audience is hanging out. If you already have a successful online presence, you need to focus on what is working for you and then expand from there.

Google Analytics can help you determine where your content is being shared the most. Buzzsumo is another useful tool that can help you find proper analysis of your web content. For instance, you can find out the number of shares, sorted by the network, content type, content length and more.

If you see more activity on YouTube, you will have to focus on creating YouTube videos. If the content is being shared on Facebook more, you will have to prepare a strategy for Facebook-friendly content. In simpler words, with the analytics data, you can easily decide which channels to target to get social media engagement for your content.

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5. Decide what type of content you need:

As you may realize, there are certain types of content that work for every content marketing strategy. However, the basis of your content marketing strategy should the content published on your website. That is why most content marketers focus on the website blog posts so much.

The blogs need to be actionable, as well as valuable to the audience. You can use Buzzsumo tool to map the types of blog posts you may need to create for better engagement. The tool can also let you see a variety of statistics regarding a topic from across the globe.

Apart from creating blog posts, you should also focus on what other content you should be incorporating your content marketing strategy. Studies suggest that 51% of marketing professionals identify video as the most effective content in terms of ROI.

You should also consider other types of content such as infographics, ebooks, webinars, and even podcasts for your content marketing strategy.

6. Create a content calendar:

Knowing your goals, your audience, the right channels and the right types of content can improve your content marketing a lot. But at the same time, you also need to know when you need to publish your content in the channels you have selected for content marketing services.

This is where you need a content calendar, which will help you schedule your content in a systematic way. You can use Google Calendar and schedule the pieces of content as per your strategy. If you are worried about the productivity because of a lot of content you wise to produce, you should try using tools like Asana, which is used for task management.

To create effective content throughout the year, you should again resort to the effective tool, Buzzsumo, where you can find out what your audience wants by using its Question Analyzer.

Well, these were the 6 most effective measures to prepare a successful content marketing strategy. However, there are still a lot of things to do if you want your content marketing strategy to succeed. You need to create the desired content, distribute it properly, and measure the results. Measuring the results will help you fine-tune your strategy from time to time.

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Author bio: Trevor Johnson is a marketing executive at a reputed organization in New Jersey, US. He is also associated with as an expert who offers assignment help to students on requests. He loves to cook and read in his free time.


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