Ensure Selling Mobile Phone

Ensure Doing This Before Selling Your Mobile Phone


Before you sell iPhone X for cash, trade-in, or give it away, the first advisable step is to transfer all information and data to the new device ensure this before selling phone.

Please do not manually delete contacts, messages, calendars, photos, reminders, documents or any other iCloud information while you’re logged in to iCloud with your Apple ID. Doing this would delete your data permanently from iCloud servers.

Transferring Data to a New Device:

Selling phones have some prerequisites.

If you have an iPhone, iPod or iTouch, Quick Start helps you to automatically transfer all the data with iOS 11 and later. If yours is an iOS 10 or earlier, please use iTunes, iCloud, or the Finder will do the job.

In case, if your number is also changing with the new device, adding additional numbers to your account only helps you for easier accessibility in case of any mishap.  If need be, or should there be issues in accessing your old phone number, you can create a two-factor authentication code on your old device.

Removing Your Data From Your iPhone:

  • If you paired an Apple Watch with your iPhone X, unpair it.
  • Back up the baby.
  • Sign out of iCloud, iTunes, and Apple’s App Store.
  • For iOS 10.3 or later versions, click on Settings > Click Your Name. Scroll down and sign out. Enter your Apple password and turn it off.
  • For 10.2 or earlier, click on Settings > iCloud > Sign Out. Re-tap Sign Out > Tap Delete and enter your Apple password.
  • In Settings click General – Reset – Erase All Content & Settings. Turn off your Find My Device, if it is switched on.
  • You may be asked for your device or restrictions passcode. If so, enter it and then click Erase.
  • In case if you’re switching to a non-Apple smartphone, remember to deregister iMessage.
  • Your carrier will help you to transfer service to a new owner. If you don’t have a Sim Card, your network provider will come to rescue to transfer the service to the new owner.
  • You must remember to remove it from your trusted devices list, before you sell your iPhone.
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Once you’re done with the backup and cleaning of your device, let’s dive in to look at some of the strategies to get the best value when you sell iPhone.

How to get the Maximum Worth When You Sell Your Mobile Phone:

To sell your iPhone for the best value, be prepared to do a bit of research around the websites and marketplaces operating in the used iPhone selling domain. The tip is to be honest and transparent when you declare the condition of it. If there’s any discrepancy found in your claim and the actual condition of it, the deal may turn sour, or you may be offered a lesser value than the quote.

Clean your iPhone X with a soft cotton cloth to wipe off all the minute dirt and make it look aesthetically appealing as much as possible. No one gets a second chance to make a first impression, and neither would you. So, when you make a move to sell, give it your best shot. A dirt-ridden phone doesn’t allure the customers’ even if its functionality perfect.

Clicking some neat HD photos from multiple angles that give an all-round understanding is definitely a good idea to attract relevant prospects to help them get the needed clarity. One of the critical factors in determining the price of an iPhone X is whether it’s locked or unlocked. Of course, locked phone make much lesser than their unlocked counterparts, and in some cases, buyers also hesitate to go for a locked phone. Unlocking the phone is a time and cost-intensive affair that everyone wants to avoid getting into.

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Pricing also depends on the type of buyer. While you will get B2C buyers at marketplaces like eBay and Facebook Market Places, there are B2B businesses too that deal in this. When you direct your research towards such markets and go one step further to read about the selling and logistics policies and conditions, it is only then you start feeling the pulse of the market. Which buyer has best offers, who is absorbing postal charges, what are the payment terms, what if the iPhone doesn’t qualify in the inspection, who is offering insurance and similar other statistics.

We wish that you do all the right things to approach the market in the best possible way.

Hope, this piece was able to clear some of your queries about selling your iPhone X.

Your best buyer is just few clicks away.

Play strategic.



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