how to unlock a phone

How to Unlock a Phone

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It can happen to anyone to forget their phone PIN, especially after a long period of inactivity. For example, in the case of a phone that you haven’t used in a long time, but now, for various reasons, you need to turn it on again. or facial recognition if you have it enabled. In this article, we will give you a complete guide about how to unlock a phone?

You know well that you can’t unlock a phone whose pin you don’t remember by traditional means. But there are various solutions you can access based on the operating system you use.

How to unlock an Android phone

Let’s see now the ways to unlock an Android mobile phone if you have forgotten your PIN code.

  1. Enter the PUK code: it is a code provided to you when you buy your SIM card. It would help if you looked at the card in a safe place. It will show you the PUK you enter when you miss the PIN more than three times.
  2. Use the “Find my device” application: in this case, it is an official app, useful even if your phone has been stolen or if you have people. In fact, you have to enter: From here, enter your Google data, choose the locked phone to unlock it, and enter a new password.
  3. Smartlock: You can use the smart lock to unlock your Android phone. In fact, you can access your phone through your fingerprint or facial recognition if you have it enabled.

How to unlock an iPhone phone

Unlocking an iPhone phone if you have forgotten your PIN is a little more difficult. This is because you need to log into your Apple ID and remember the appropriate password.

  1. Find my iPhone: as recommended by top, you can choose to unlock your iPhone in this way. What you need to do is connect to the WiFi network and use a non-iOS device. You can do this from a mobile, tablet, or computer. Enter your iCloud login information and search for a “delete device.” Yes, you can log back into your phone but only by deleting anything. In this way, however, you will be able to access the phone without problems. Right after that, you simply need to restore the most recent iCloud backup.
  2. Use iTunes from your computer: this is another possible option. Then connect your device to your computer and open iTunes. Immediately click on the “restore copy” option. Be careful not to click on “restore iPhone.”
  3. Recovery mode if you have forgotten the unlock sign: Finally, you can recover the forgotten unlock sign. You need to connect your iPhone to the computer with a cable. With iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, you have to press the activation button and the volume button simultaneously. That is until you reach recovery mode on the phone. If it is an older iPhone, you have to click on the start and activation buttons simultaneously.

How to unblock IMEI of a contracted phone

More and more people are buying phones directly from telephone operators who offer mobile phones at meager prices, in exchange for signing a contract. The problem is that these phones will only work with that operator’s SIM, and if, for example, you move abroad, you won’t be able to use that phone with another SIM.

Another very thorny case is purchasing a used phone, believing that it is unlocked and can be used with any operator when it is not. A more fortunate case is that of the expired contract: in practice, the phone was locked with that operator only for a certain period of time, after which it can be easily unlocked.

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Well, if your case falls into one of these, then we can try to figure out how to unlock the phone, which the operator has blocked through the IMEI code.

Attention, before continuing, it is good to clarify an important concept. If the operator does not block the mobile phone, you bought because the previous owner no longer pays the contract installments, but because it was stolen, then it is good to go to the police, hand over the mobile, and report the seller. If you don’t, you can be tracked down and sued for stolen goods, and it’s not really worth taking this risk for a few tens or hundreds of euros.

How to unlock the mobile: find the IMEI code.

The word IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity and is a 15-digit code that identifies each specific mobile phone. When a mobile is stolen, for example, this code is used to lock the phone so that the thief cannot use it. The same code is used by telephone companies to bind it to their SIM. To unlock the phone, the first thing to do is to identify your mobile IMEI code. You will usually find this number on the box of the device. If you have thrown it away, do not despair. Please enter the string # * 06 * (asterisk, hash zero six asterisks) on your mobile phone, and the code will appear on your screen: take a pen and paper and write it down.

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Unlock your mobile by calling customer service

Once you have the IMEI code, you can contact the telephone operator who blocked your phone. It will take some patience and time, but it is the correct way to go. Talk to customer service and explain your situation to them. If the contract that tied your mobile to that operator has expired, there are no excuses: they have to unlock your phone!

On the other hand, if you have purchased a used cell phone that is still contracted to that telephone operator, then you will have to send them all the information about the purchase as well. By doing this, you certify that you are in good faith and that it is their old customer at fault, not you! They may tell you some stories, but the consumer associations have had long battles on this point in truth. Once they have certified that you have recently purchased that mobile, they will no longer be able to apply the contract: your mobile will have to be unlocked.

We know that it is difficult to talk to customer service, often find yourself people who cannot help you, and be transferred from one operator to another. But it is good to repeat that this is the correct and simplest way.

In truth, there is an alternative, but it is good to specify that if the mobile phone is still under contract and you unlock the phone in this way, you could face penalties. So make sure that the contract that tied your mobile to a particular telephone operator has ended before proceeding with unlocking the phone.

Unlock your phone using the unlock code

To get it, there are countless sites online that offer you to get it. You will say, the free ones may be a hoax, but the paid ones will be safe. Unfortunately, this is not the case and some internet sites, even if free, are reliable. Even if paid, other sites are not and only risk wasting time and money because the code that will be provided will not unlock your smartphone but will be a useless string of numbers.

Our advice is to make a list of these websites and then check their reliability by doing other net searches. Once you have chosen the one you can trust, follow the instructions to receive your phone’s unlock code, providing it with your mobile’s IMEI number and email. The procedure for locating the unlock number may take a couple of days. Once you have the code, turn on your phone by putting your SIM card inside (that is, the one not linked to the phone purchase contract).

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As you may have understood, unlocking a mobile is not an easy path, and it takes some patience and luck. However, it is not an impossible task, either. Our advice is to cut the problem at the source. When you buy a used cell phone, for example, make sure a contract does not bound it, and you will not have any problems. However, if you are reading this page, I believe that you have already learned this the hard way.

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Forgot Android Screen Unlock?

Have you ever forgotten the codes to access your mobile phone? Pin, Puk, unlock code, keyword, punctuation mark, and so on. The forgotten pin is, in fact, a real nuisance: not being able to log in is a real nightmare, having the phone in your hands and not being able to use it anyway due to amnesia or because you don’t know.

This is also possible, as it is not uncommon to directly buy second-hand phones that may have default screen locks or passwords or that the previous owner forgot to remove.  It often happens to forget tour mobile phones, passwords and find yourself with a big problem to solve.

Unlike iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) where, if you forget the PIN. The only solution available is to reset the device to factory conditions. On Android, there are several solutions.  By sending it directly to your email address associated with the device. However, if you have not associated any email address with your Android phone/tablet, you do not remember the screen unlock password. You will have to proceed with the hard reset of the device.

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How does it work?

First, you need to turn off the device. Then you will have to press the volume “up” button and then the power button and the home button. To have all three buttons pressed simultaneously. Using the volume key, move to the item “Wipe data / Factory reset” and click on the power button to select that option. At this point, the Hard Reset of the device will start.

This way, you will have access to your phone again, but you will also have lost all data, if there was any, by returning to default settings.

However, there is another way to access your device without losing any data by removing the lock. Unlock (Android) app you don’t need an expert technician, just as you don’t need to factory reset your phone. In just one click, waiting just a few minutes, you can unlock your phone and continue using it!

The app removes all screen locks, including the PIN, pattern, fingerprint, and password. Your data remains intact, and you don’t have to worry.

In particular:

  • removes 4 types of lock screens – pattern, PIN, password & fingerprint;
  • it only removes the unlock screen, not the data;
  • no specific technical knowledge is required. It is within everyone’s reach;
  • supports any telephone operator, including T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, etc.;
  • works with all major Android models such as Samsung, Huawei, LG, Xiaomi, etc.

How does it work? Well, it’s that simple! Just connect your Android phone to your computer or PC, obviously after downloading and installing the application. Once connected, you will need to open the Unlock (Android) app and select the Android model’s details. With the forgotten PIN. At this point, you will only have to select the option to remove the Android lock screen, and that’s it.

After this process, your Android phone will no longer have a lock screen. If you desire to set a new one, you can add one.  You can do this directly from your device. Usually by entering the Settings and then in the Security category. Where you can choose a PIN, a password. The fingerprint (only in some mobile phones), or the pattern, i.e., draw a symbol with your fingertip.

Choose what you like or stay without to avoid any problems. However, remember that unlocking the screen has never been easier! Forgotten Pin will no longer be a problem!


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