Tips to Find the Best Printing Service Online

Tips to Find the Best Printing Service Online


Some businesses falsely believe that print marketing is dead and that digital marketing is the new norm. However, it is a false assumption. In fact, print advertising and industry is stronger than ever with its new technologies and innovation. 

Did you know that as many as 76% small business owners still rely on print advertising and marketing? It is more common for most companies to use a mix of digital and printed materials to get the best of both worlds. Printed materials continue to survive in the digital world because they are still considered to be an impactful way to convey messages for their target audience. 

If you are convinced about the merits of printing and looking to work with the best online printing company, then this article is a great place to start. Use the tips below to find the right vendor that not only gives you quality and results but also the service you deserve.


Learn about the Types of printing services available 

Before you start looking for providers, learn more about the type of print services available and what you hope to accomplish with your printed material. This information will help you compare the service providers before you hire one for your requirements. The most common mistake people make is to start looking for printing companies even before they know what they want when it should be the other way round. Besides, digital printing may be low cost and more streamlined but it is not always the best choice and you may have to consider other processes if you need better results. 

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Create a list of companies and services

The best way to make a comprehensive decision is make a list of printing companies in your area and the services they provide. This helps you make an accurate evaluation between them. Look at the cost, industry reputation, experience, as well as online reviews in order to get an accurate idea about what the company can offer as well as provide. You should never use the first company that comes up in your search. Research your choices to make an informed decision. 

Review their work before hiring them

Before you place your order, make sure your printing company is happy to give you proof of their work in terms of a sample. When you receive this sample, you should review it closely to verify the smallest details. Always ask for a hard proof instead of a digital one because the hard copy is easy to validate a superior print job. 

Evaluate their prices

This is an important step in making the right decision. When you are looking at different print services, make sure you have also evaluated the cost of each. If a print service costs only a fraction more and add a lot more visual appeal to the end product with a wow factor, then the extra cost is worth the money. However, if the technique is very expensive and does not do much for the final product, then it is probably not the most cost effective method. 

Prefer to work with local companies

While it is necessary for the businesses to have online presence, these printing services should also have a physical entity. When looking to hire a printing service, always choose a local printing company if you want personalized service. Additionally, they also provide faster solution in case you face a problem with your order. 

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Look at different ink and stock options from each printer

When you are looking for the print services, you must check what each company is offering and who can provide the products you have chosen. You will be surprised to see that not every printing service has a wide range of products, some may have limited choices too. 


Think about the environmental impact

As a conscious customer, you should try to balance your budget and cost of your order with eco-friendly print options with lower carbon footprint. 

Check for guarantees

All reputed companies worth their salt will stand behind their products and services. Ask them about guarantees that may be offered and how often they are requested by clients. Make sure you are aware of all the details before signing any contract with them. 

Once you are satisfied with the above mentioned points, ask the printer if they will handle the problems should they arise after the print order has been executed. What happens if the final product does not match the proof? If you are dissatisfied, what will the company do to fix their mistake? Ask these questions now to avoid any mistakes or misunderstandings later. It also helps ensure that you are getting exactly what you need paid for! 


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