Thoughts on cybersecurity

Thoughts on cybersecurity


There is a lot going on in the spectrum of cyber security. It is hard to grasp the length and breadth of it in one post. Nevertheless, it is worth a try since there are a lot of people who don’t have a technical background and want to know about this field. To that end, this post will try to explain as much as it can about this discipline in a layman’s terms. Starting from the nature of this field, or as we can say the core of this field, let’s just say that cyber security deals with securing computers from harm. 

The digital world is more like an imitation of a real world where we connect with people, interact with them and share information about us with them, in exchange for services, products, building a community, for expression, or just for social networking. Whether it is our data, our digital money, or our computers that are home to our digital products, services and resources, everything that resides in our digital ecosystem is vulnerable to theft, damage and destruction. It was not until recently that individuals and organizations have started realizing the impact of cyber attacks and the importance of information or computer security. 

Being an unlawful act, the cyber crime industry grosses revenues higher than the drug trade globally. Every year the damages from cyber incidents amount to staggering numbers and will reach 10.5 trillion US dollars by 2025. Now, if you can use this information to imagine the impact of this criminal sector, then you can also imagine the value of the security sector. There is a desperate need for skilled cybersecurity professionals like CEH V11 experts.

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Coming to cyber security, the different aspects of this field change from time to time. As the world undergoes innovation and digital evolution, the methods and elements of cyber security also change with it. For example, before social media, phishing was not as easy compared to what it is today. To cite another example, the Internet of Things has led to easy cyber attacks on multiple technologies in one’s surroundings which was not the exact case earlier. Application security, cloud security, Internet of Things security, network security, web security are just a few elements of cybersecurity that have evolved or invented with time. The list keeps growing as new technologies are created and used by people therefore allowing hackers one more medium through which they can disrupt somebody’s life for malicious games.

Let’s move onto the approaches of cyber security. To protect something, we can play either defense or offense. In computer security, playing defense means protecting our systems, networks and data by applying tools and techniques that keep hackers out, detect suspicious activities, alert the owners about breaches. Playing offense in cyber security means trying to breach into the systems legally with the purpose of finding and fixing loopholes that could ultimately lead to damage and attacks, thus taking a preemptive and smarter approach to safety. Online hacking course training in individuals is encouraged to create talented and world-class professionals who can use this offensive approach to beat hackers at their own game.

In conclusion, we can say that cybersecurity undergoes a lot of innovation, keeping in line with the digital revolution around us. There is no denying the fact that good hygiene, high awareness, quality education and large investments are some of the things that can boost this field and make sure that hackers are stopped in their tracks as much as possible. If you are interested in this subject on a deeper level, then you should research it more and try to do your bit to make the world a safer place.

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