Corona medical insurance

6 Benefits of getting Corona medical insurance


This pandemic has made the life of the people very difficult. In India, the pace of this virus has been increasing very quickly. Though the recovery rate in India is great fighting against this virus requires a lot of mental and financial strength. Now India has come up with the vaccine shots. But everyone to get vaccinated will require a lot of time. So for your precaution, it is very helpful to follow all the safety measures and along with it have Corona Mediclaim insurance. This medical insurance will keep you and your family protected from the financial problems that might arise because of covid-19.

The coronavirus insurance is designed in such a way that it will help in covering all the expenses done on the treatment of Covid-19 that will include day-care treatments, quarantine, hospitalization, etc. Covid-19 has become a part of the new economy, so it is very important to be fully prepared about it. There are different plans available in the market that provides different benefits covering in-patient care, ICU charges, AYURSG treatments, ambulance charges, etc. 

Here is the list of benefits provided by the corona health insurance policy. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Provides best Covid care: This insurance provides includes the cover for almost all the medical expenses incurred during the treatment as well as in the quarantine time for covid-19. With the confirmation of the positive report from the government authorized health center.
  • Provides cashless treatment: The insurance policy has a network in many of the hospitals across the country. This policy will surely help the person to settle the covid-19 medical expenses with certain terms and conditions.
  • Pre and post-hospitalization expenses: This policy covers all the expenses related to the covid-19 for 30days before admission in the hospital and up to 60 days after getting discharged from the hospital.
  • OPD cover: Though the OPD charges are not that much, in this insurance policy the person can claim the expenses for all the consultation, pharmacy expenses, and even diagnostic examination up to a certain extent. This will only happen if the person tests positive for the covid-19.
  • Online facility: To get the insurance cover for the Covid-19, the person can take help of the online modes. Nowadays this policy is very much in demand and even is easily available. So the person can apply it online and can avail of its benefits when needed.
  • Tax benefits: Almost every insurance provides tax exemption to the person up to a certain limit under section 80D of Income-tax law.
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For availing all the benefits of the coronavirus health insurance. It I of utmost importance to buy the insurance plan carefully. Here is the list of things that need to be considered while buying the plan.

  • Co-payment clause: The person should have a proper look at the plan so that the person knows about the co-payment policy. It is the payment that the insurer needs to pay from his pocket and the rest of the amount is paid by the insurer whenever there is a requirement.
  • Claim settlement process: First of all while buying the policy, it is very important to know about the claim settlement process. This is a very important thing to know as it will help the person to claim through the policy at the required time.
  • Know more about the insurer: Nowadays many companies are coming forward to provide different health insurances. Before purchasing any of the policy it is a must to know more about the insurer like their financial health to providing claims on time.
  • Waiting period clause: The person needs to know about the waiting period of the insurance policy to provide a claim for the medical treatment. The waiting period is usually calculated from the date of issue of the policy and this might be different from policy to policy.
  • Cashless hospitals: The person needs to know the network hospitals that have the tie-up with the insurance policy. Accordingly, the person can shortlist the plans that provide covid-19 claims. Out of which the person can select the one that provides the best safety for the person and his family.
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No doubt, this pandemic has changed a lot of things around us, and it so the duty of the person to understand these changes and accordingly plan things that will help in finding the best solution. To purchase the Coronavirus health insurance, the person can visit the Care Insurance website. Their in-depth knowledge is provided about different healthcare policies that will provide safety to the people and their families. It is an online-based platform, here the purchase to the documentation of getting a policy is done through the online modes. They avail of the cashless settlement within 2 hours. Even the care insurance facilities are provided on the mobile applications that make it more convenient to use and handle policies.

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