What Are Pilates And How They Help You Lose Weight


The weight loss industry all over the world has come up with a variety of new types of workout routines for those aiming to shed a few extra pounds, and Pilates is one of them.Pilates was discovered very recently in the 20th century by Joseph Pilates, whom it is
named after. This consists of low impact muscle exercises that build bodily strength andendurance, giving you more energy to live your life youthfully. It’s all about core strength,muscle balance, proper posture, and it gives you countless health benefits, weight loss beingone of them.

Here’s how Pilates can be a great help if you’re looking to lose weight:

● Tones The Waist:

Pilates is a type of workout that includes a lot of side bends as wellas backbends. This puts a strain on your abdominal area and loosens the musclesdown there. This can effectively increase your body’s flexibility by a great amount and
also shape up your abdominal muscles. This will give you a slim, toned waist.

● Enhances Nervous System Function:

One of the main components of practisingPilates in the right way is maintaining the breathing patterns, and focusing on your breathing while you workout can calm your nervous system down. This leads to
better functioning of the whole system and reduces the production of the stresshormone called cortisol. Large amounts of cortisol in the body can cause high levelsof stress, keeping you from losing the weight you want you to lose. This way, Pilates
can help you lose weight by reducing stress.

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● Burns Calories:

Pilates strains your body muscles and enhances muscle function inevery part of your body. It increases oxygen levels, leading to higher energy levels.This is exactly what you need to burn calories. Pilates can burn a high amount of
calories in your body, toning it in all the places you need it to.

● Targets Entire Body Mass:

Pilates is a form of whole-body fitness exercises. As itsmain focus is on building core strength, it engages all your body muscles in theworkout and shapes them. This will help you lose weight overall instead of having
only a few parts of your body tended to.

● Increases Metabolic Rate

: Pilates, combined with all the right nutritional foods yourbody needs, is a great way to boost your metabolic function. As this counts as a coreworkout, it strains your abdominal muscles, enhancing the function of your digestiveorgans. This helps greatly in metabolism, and high metabolism is one of the key tools needed when trying to lose weight.Pilates can be tough for a beginner, and since it is a fairly recently discovered workout type,it is important to gain all possible knowledge about it before diving into it. Cult.Live’s Pilates classes are perfect for anyone wanting to try it out as they are instructed and led by professional trainers. Their guidance can help you in many ways when it comes to losingweight with Pilates. The pack consists of 8 classes that will give you detailed instructions on various Pilates exercises, so you should get started right away

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