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9 Reasons Why You Should Switch to a Rooftop Tent 


If you’re an avid outdoor enthusiast, then you probably love camping. No matter how much you may love sleeping under the stars, nobody likes to sleep on the ground with rocks digging into their back and wondering if every noise you hear is a bear or sleeping in a mud puddle because you got caught in a rainstorm. Then the next morning, you barely got any sleep and you’re too exhausted to enjoy your hike the following day. It’s just no fun, no matter how you look at it.  

If you want some better security and comfort with your sleeping arrangements when you’re out in the woods, consider a rooftop tent. This ingenious tent design goes right on the roof of your vehicle and gives you a flat and comfortable surface for sleeping. You install it on your roof racks, open it up, lower the ladder, and you’re good to go. What’s not to love? It’s the perfect way to go camping in the wilderness without sacrificing comfort and safety. Here are the top nine reasons why you should switch to a rooftop tent for camping.

1.Sleeping above the ground

The first most obvious advantage to having a rooftop tent is that you will be sleeping above ground level. RTTs are accessible via a ladder that neatly folds away when not in use, making them simple to climb up and get inside. Now, if there’s an unexpected rainstorm in the middle of your camping trip, you won’t have to sleep in a mud puddle. That’s a huge plus, not to mention the increased wind flow (so necessary in the summer) and the spectacular views you’ll have.

Having your tent on the roof of your vehicle is also much cleaner and saves your tent from getting dirty and grungy after a few uses. If you also hate ground-crawling insects getting into your tent, RTTs solve that problem, too. Nothing’s worse than waking up to spiders crawling around inside your tent. With a rooftop tent, the only thing that will be invading your tent in the morning is lots of sunlight!

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One of the best advantages of having an RTT for your vehicle is that it gives you a great amount of flexibility and mobility. Going on a road trip, but don’t have the budget to stay in a hotel? Get a rooftop tent, and boom, problem solved. You can set up literally anywhere you can park, and all your gear and your bed are always with you, safe and secure.

3.Increased durability compared to ground tents

Another great benefit of rooftop tent is that they tend to be made of highly durable material compared to a ground tent. Ground tents are specifically designed to be very lightweight and easy to carry. RTTs don’t need to be portable, so they’re made from much thicker material, like weatherproof canvas with steel or aluminum brackets and hardware.

4.Safety and security

RTTs also offer better safety and security than a ground tent. Sleeping above ground keeps you away from critters that can “accidentally” wander in your campsite looking for food. If you’re worried about other people, all you have to do is pull up the ladder, and you’re inaccessible. That’s what makes RTTs such a popular choice. They are much more safe and secure than a traditional ground tent and keep you up and away from any stray bears, porcupines, or people that might want to come and investigate your campsite.

5.Easy setup and breakdown

Rooftop tents are also relatively simple to set up and breakdown. Most of them only require one person, and they fold up neatly back onto the roof racks. RTTs have a foam mattress for extra comfort, and even that folds up into the tent when it’s in the storage position. You can even leave your bedding in there when you fold it up to save even more time.

6.Great protection from the elements

Most lightweight and portable ground tents aren’t made to withstand more than a light rain shower. You have to spend a lot of money to get a good ground tent that’s completely waterproof. Inadequate weatherproofing isn’t a problem with rooftop tents. There are two versions of RTTs available: softshell and hard-shell. The hard-shell offers more protection from the elements than the softshell, but they’re both made from thick and sturdy materials that provide excellent wind resistance, too. However, if you know there’s going to be a huge storm, you should skip the camping trip. Always check the forecast before you head out so you can have a safe and enjoyable camping experience.

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7.Easily expandable

If you need more than just a single-person tent, there are plenty of options available for purchase that annex off the central tent piece. You can add an entirely separate room or even just an awning to provide some cover on the side of your vehicle. This is ideal if you’re going camping with a group of people because you can add more space as needed.

8.Fits most vehicles

Rooftop tents are perfect when used with an SUV, van, or truck, but they are available for virtually any vehicle. They even make ones for sedans and compact cars. They’re also very straightforward to install: all you need is a roof rack, and you’re good to go. You could even put it on a trailer if you wanted to. However, keep in mind that a rooftop tent with people inside of it is very heavy. Consider buying a sturdy, aftermarket pair of roof racks so they can handle the weight distribution properly.

9.Affordable alternative

Rooftop tents are the perfect alternative to extremely expensive trailers, campers, and RVs. They’re also a big step above ground tents while still being affordable. They’re literally a fraction of the cost of an RV or camper, even a used one. RTTs are the perfect tent for camping, because you get to sleep in comfort on a built-in mattress while you watch the stars through the ceiling window. You get to save money while still camping in comfort it doesn’t get much better than that.

Get a Rooftop Tent and Enjoy the View from Above

Next time you’re planning a camping trip, consider investing in a rooftop tent instead of the conventional ground tent. Rooftop tents are superior to ground tents in every way: they offer better security, more comfort, they’re easy to set up, and they’re built to last. Most RTTs set up in under a minute and come available in softshell or hard-shell versions that provide excellent weather protection, too. Switch to a rooftop tent and enjoy the view from above on your next camping trip.

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